Thursday, July 24, 2008

Warming Up

Righto, still on my good(ish) mood streak so things seem a lot more back to normal. I mean yes there are things niggling at my brain, but for the most part I've been successfully blocking them out until they fade into nothingness ;) You know the sort of ridiculous issues that one gets stressed over but really, can do nothing about whatsoever.

So moving along. I finally downloaded the pics from the weekend and added one of the Black Label Irises to Tuesday's post. I think it's a fab pic ;)

Last night was lovely and quite at home. I attempted (what was I thinking?) a quiche based on what I'd learned from mom's uber bake-a-thon on the weekend. I've learnt a thing or two for next time and it certainly wasn't inedible (Varen ate till the dish was clean!). What's fab is it's pretty healthy (it's a crustless quiche) with lots of veg and so easy to make (once you get the hang of kitchen-type things). Sometimes I dont' know why I cook tho, I get very little pleasure from it ... although I keep trying in the hopes that it will somehow give me some. I get so frustrated and it never quite turns out the way I planned. The only time it's worked out perfectly is a Mexican Chicken dish I made up out of my head. That remains my signature dish ... hmm, must make it again soon ;)

We also went out and did a little shopping. I was particularly looking for cat litter and bio-gel. I'd heard from a friend of my mom's while in Cape Town that you can actually use a Mexican Chimenea indoors, without piping the chimney outside. All you needed was some cat litter for the base (or sand or whatever) and this bio-gel stuff. It's long-burning, smoke free and odourless (mostly, unless you're up close) and creates a fabulous warmth. We tried it out last night and are completely thrilled with the results :)

So the evening was spent in our recently warmed lounge, eating quiche and watching Weeds S4. Lovely :)


Anonymous said...

I love quiet nights at home. More than I should for someone my age I think. Can't help it - I'm a die hard homebody. *sigh* I also don't enjoy cooking, so I don't do much of it. Luckily J loves it otherwise I probably won't ever eat.

I do love baking though. Go figure.

(BTW the Black Label Irises are really, really pretty!)

Sweets said...

recipe please :)

phillygirl said...

@jane - I'm with you on nights at home ;) glad you like the pic.

@sweets - let me just work out some kinks first and get it into something I'd admit to having made and then I promise I'll post the recipe ;)

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