Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not Feeling Great

So last night we went for a surprise dinner at Varen's folks. By surprise I mean he got home and said hey, why don't we go for dinner there tonight and proceeded to phone his mom and invite us over. Which was handy because we didn't have much in the way of dinner ... although neither really did they since they'd just got back from almost 3 weeks in USA & Canada the night before (which was another reason for our visit).

Was fab to catch up. Varen's dad managed to bring back the most divine Reindeer skin. You can not believe how soft and think their fur is!

So, needless to say I didn't do any skipping last night ... and I'm feeling quite ill this morning. Wasn't at all sure I was even going to be in this morning, but here I am, pushing thru. But I tell you, the moment I feel inclined to throw up in the work loo's, I'm heading home! So far so good tho :) Sheesh. It's weird how everytime I get pangs of illness (which is very rarely!), I have flash backs to the only time I've been memorably sick as an adult - a 7day stomach virus on return from my Egypt trip. Now that was a nightmare I am loathe to repeat!


Anonymous said...

Sorry you're feeling unwell! I hope you feel better soon and I do suggest that if you feel worse that you get some rest. :) Rest helps!

ExMi said...

whenever a girl tells me she's feeling pukey, i immediately assume the worst ;)

Sweets said...

maybe one of the bunnies are pregnant and you're feeling sympathy pukeyness?


AngelConradie said...

ugh... i hope its nothing serious!

phillygirl said...

@all - thanks for the get well wishes. will update in my next post.

@exmi - yeah no, there were plenty of other symptoms of non-pregnancy that I don't really want to regale the world with ;) So no worries!

@sweets - damn, I hope not ... since they're both girls!

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