Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Read Something New

Not really in the mood for posting this morning. Things have just been getting to me for the last little while ... traffic (seriously!), work (I wish specs weren't changed long after the work was actually done!) and Varen & I had a huge fight last night. And being that we're both particularly stubborn and I like to get it out of my system while he prefers to withdraw, this does not make for a very pleasant evening. Luckily we did eventually manage to bury the hatchet (no, not in each other's backs!) before bed. But I think I still have residual frustration at the giant waste of an evening.

I think I really need this weekend in Cape Town with my family. So ye, not really in a very good blogging place right now ... so let me rather tell you about some new blogs I've been reading instead.

First off is an Aussie blog called ... Can You Point Me To The Bar? I think I first found it because Miss Em left a comment here. So far I've really been enjoying it :) And today I learnt something interesting on it ... apparently the world's oldest blogger (a 108 year old Australian woman named Olive) died last weekend. The fact that she died is very sad (jees, 108!) but now I'm really curious to start reading her blog!

Second is a newly started blog by a friend of mine's wife called Se7en. They have seven (yes, 7!) kiddies under the age of 11 and she is home-schooling them all. Sheesh, exhausts me just thinking about it. Either way, it certainly makes for interesting reading ... and I guess sorta knowing them makes it more fun for me too :)

Third is one I've been reading for a while that's also only recently made it onto my side-bar list, Wren. Wren is a Cape Town based designer with a fabulously creative and colourful blog :) I'm dying to buy one of her bags, as soon as I find a colour scheme (Wren, if you're listening, green would be magical!) that screams me! I was very close to getting one for my bday earlier in the year, I was just too nervous to commit to orange ... although it was stunning and (although sold) remains my favourite!

So, that should keep you busy for about half an hour ;)


Rab said...

Aww shucks, thanks for the shout out! I could do with a few more readers...

And I'm LOVING Wren's site too :)

Sweets said...

i've already added the se7en one to my fav list :)

hope you feel better soon!

phillygirl said...

@missem - always a pleasure ;)

@sweets - glad to hear it! & thanks :)

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