Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Red Letter Day

Last night was back to normal. Varen went to gym, I skipped at home in the garden with my bunnies. I've figured out why Bell is thumping tho. She was perfectly normal till our newly moved in neighbour came outside with her giant black lab to play ball ... Belly wans't impressed. She immediately took up a position in the middle of the garden (I assume so she could see the entire garden from where she sat) and started thumping. I read up online a little about it last night and it seems she is trying to warn Henna & I about the nearby danger. She's also trying to intimidate (I can only assume this is because she hasn't yet seen the size of the dog) the danger and protect her territory. Didya know bunnies are quite territorial? Anyhoo, Henna get's quite girly and goes to hide in the house at the first sign of the dog next door while Bell is all "bring it on" trying to play top dog (scuse the pun!).

Varen & I settled in to watch a documentary he'd downloaded from the History Channel, called Life After People. It was quite interesting although I was quite disappointed in their American-ness. They visited Chernobyl since it's an amazing reflection of how animals and plants take over human spaces after all the people were evacuted (and obviously have not moved back!). I was disappointed that they didn't visit our nearby Kolmanskop in Nambia for a desert contrast.

Oh, and before I forget, let me tell you about my day in the office yesterday. We played a hearty round of Red Letter (can you imagine?). For those of you who don't remember this game from your days on the playground, even I had to look up the rules :) I'd made a random comment about someone's name saying that they'd suck at Red Letter and so it ensued that we had a practise round across the office to figure out how the game worked. It's not very much fun tho ... although we did have quite a laugh at ourselves!

Oh, and a quick reminder to Joburg girl-bloggers to get your name up for the July lunch ... Angel is supposed to be choosing a venue for us, so go nag her ;)


Sweets said...

your bunnies is so funny! cute but funny... LOL

please add my name for the next blog lunch, i'm usuless!

Briget said...

My bunny is psycho... we have to distract him to clean his cage and stuff.. Bathing him is not allowed and no eye contact either..

The kids have nicknamed him "slasher"

The neighbours dogs wouldn't stand a chance against him...

The Jackson Files said...

omg...I remember Red Letter. I'm sure we caled it something else though.

phillygirl said...

@sweets - done :) looking forward to seeing you again.

@becauseican - the girls aren't really impressed when we clean their hutch either (they climb in and stand on their hind legs staring up at us as if to say "what exactly do you think you're doing?"). And I don't think you're really sposed to bath bunnies (except in certain cases).

Mebbe he could come over and put this lab into it's place tho ;) Although the both seemed a little calmer this afternoon.

@tjf - so you have an inkling of just how ridiculous things in our office were yesterday then ;)

AngelConradie said...

oh those bunnies sound just the cutest! more pics pleeez!!!

phillygirl said...

@angel - will do :)

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