Monday, August 04, 2008

Back to the Farm

Sigh. Monday. Again.

I had a lovely weekend. Varen & I didn't do much on Friday night since we were planning an even earlier than during the week morning on Saturday to head out on the 3 hour drive to the farm and spend the rest of the weekend there with his family. We had lovely weather on both Saturday and Sunday and did some lovely walks around the farm and got to see the latest acquisitions, the 33 spring bokkies :) We mostly just chilled out. Perfect after the week we'd had.

The bunnies were so cute last night. After we got back from the farm and let them loose on their home turf, Varen & I went upstairs. He was finishing his latest book and I was watching some more Brothers & Sisters on his laptop and at some point, the girls joined us upstairs. Normally they go a little mental upstaior with the novelty of it, but this time they sniffed around a bit and then just sta quietly together in the corner and dozed. It was too cute to watch and I could not believe just how well-behaved they were! Admittedly about half an hour before I finished watching my last episode of the evening (by this time even Varen was watching- tee hee) they started to go a bit nuts and run around at top speeds and chew on the wiring (this is the primary reason they're not allowed in the bedroom, it's too hard to keep them out from under the bed and away from the wires! Varen has already resorted to sticky tape on his laptop charger cable!!).

Which reminds me. For the first time in a very very long time, I discarded a book before I'd finished it. Hell, I didn't even get half way on The First Psychic by Peter Lamont.

Book Cover for The First Psychic by Peter Lamont
A non-fiction Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell -- the amazing true story of a notorious Victorian wizard. He was simply the greatest psychic of all time. He was also the first - before him, the word 'psychic' did not even exist. The feats he performed were so extraordinary that Victorian scientists had to invent the term in order to explain them. The man who became the world's first psychic was Daniel Dunglas Home. Now almost entirely forgotten, Home was a household name in Victorian Britain, a man of inexplicable ability who divided opinion wherever he went. Hated by Dickens and defended by Thackeray, denounced by Faraday yet mysterious to Darwin, insulted by Tolstoy but patronised by the Emperor of France and the Csar of Russia. He was, it is said, the only subject upon which Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning ever argued. The astonishing feats he performed, and the bizarre personal life that attracted so much controversy, are the subject of this charming and entertaining book.

See, the story sounded so interesting but Lamont writes like a pompous Englishman, using needlessly flowery language to describe things. It just got too tedious to read and not at all interesting in the way I was expecting. He spends way too much time trying to explain why he's saying what he's saying (and I didn't even bother with the excessive footnotes!!) I may wikipedia the dude for a brief history tho, cause it's still pretty interesting :)


Sweets said...

i hate not finishing a book, i've done it once or twice and feel incredibly guilty LOL

boldly benny said...

My mom cannot stop halfway through a book, I had this trait but lately if a book doesn't grab me, it doesn't get finished!

I just LOVE hearing about your bunnies, they sound far too cute.

phillygirl said...

@sweets - yep, I normally would never ever not finish a book. I like to push thru to give it a fair chance and so often books have an amazing end that brings the whole thing together ... but this one was just plain dull by the 3rd chapter, I just didn't have the strength.

@benny - they really are lovely :) Will try to take some more pics of them and upload soon!

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