Thursday, August 07, 2008

Test Post

does this get published? Blogger is being a nightmare and has yet to let me successfully publish my post from 07h50 this morning !! Sigh. <- yes, of course that one gets published :P well now that I know it's working here is my post from earlier: (which naturally didn't work ... am endeavouring to track down the issue. Annoying.)

We had another quiet night at home. But we skipped the gym and opened a bottle of bubbly instead (Varen bought a boxful of the stuff a while back and we had never even opened one of them ... so just decided what the hell!) and then we spent the rest of the night trying to name his new software project (any suggestions will be considered!). I hated everything he came up with and struggled to find anything I liked ... I think there's a reason that they have whole companies who do this sort of thing :) But we shall persevere.

I had a scared mom evening with the bunnies tho. They are now both at an age where there is equal-opportunity mounting. And Varen & I were initially cheering Henna on as she gave Bell some of her own medicine. Let me say here that they are both girls and this is all about who will gain dominance and be the alpha-bunny. But, I don't think Bell plays fair (she is a whole month older!) and she bites hold of Henna, often pulling out large chunks of Henna's beautifully coloured fur :( It freaks me out. And yes, we gave them a bit of a time-out from each other, but we know that doesn't make a difference because when they get put to bed (back into the hutch at night), they are left to their own devices. In the end I was following them around with a water-spray bottle which seemed to work ... sigh.

Aargh ... I wrote this before 8am this morning and am still (it's now 12h41) struggling to get it posted. Don't know what is up with Blogger today! Friggin' annoying tho ... my belated apologies to the avid readers out there ;)

Yay ... it's now 12h58 and I finally got the post up in entirety. In my defense, I've been working with someone for the last 2 days so have very little alone time at my desk, which leads to complete inability to a) blog b) read other blogs c) instant message all my friends and d) facebook. I'm having serious withdrawal here! As you have probably guessed, this little burst of blogger productivity is during my "lunch hour" ... Varen actually very sweetly just popped by with some sandwiches from the new Nando's Peri Deli. It's new and I can't find anything online about it yet ... but so divine! We had chicken with roasted peppers and mozarella cheese on chocolate ciabata - spoilt :)


boldly benny said...

How frustrating re blogger - it drives me dippy from time to time!

I would also be a bit nervous re the bunny situation.

And FINALLY, WHERE is this Nando's deli? Chocolate Ciabata?

Sweets said...

omg your lunch sounds divine!!!

LOL @ you running after them with the spray bottle :)

Mr Jones said...

hows about Henbell for a name? Or Bell Enterprises?

Slyde said...

ive been having problems with blogger too this morning..

anyway, here's hoping that you get your bunny situation sorted out!

phillygirl said...

@benny - after a repeat performance last night, I'm still nervous about the bunnies! Oh, and the Nando's Peri Deli is sadly tucked away in the Discovery building's food court. Finger's crossed they'll open more accessible stores soon!

@sweets - it was :) And yes, I'm sure an onlooker would've thought it hysterical!

@mrjones - not exactly suitable for a new software package ... a future company perhaps, but not the actual product :)

@slyde - glad to know I wasn't alone with my frustration! And thanks :)

Anonymous said...

"In the end I was following them around with a water-spray bottle which seemed to work ... sigh." I'm with sweets. I know it's not a laughing matter but that sentence just struck me as very funny. :) I find it very interesting that the bunnies are also doing that. Our pups are always tussling and going at each other teeth bared and J says it's just to decide who's 'boss'.

phillygirl said...

@jane - I could gladly do without the bunnies doing it. In some ways they're being more vicious than dogs I've had ... I hope they get over it soon!

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