Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bell Digging, My First Video Post

09Sept08: So everybody's gotten in on the video blogging thing ... and yesterday I took the cutest video clip of my little Belly-girl. So I figured what the hell ... well hell is almost what it turned out to be - you try finding decent sensical video editing / compression software for Linux. Easier said than done. But I set my mind to it this afternoon and hey-shoo-wow, here it is :)

Let me explain, both my darling bunny girls are now just hitting their bunny-teens (this'll last till they're about a year old ... sigh!) and have become quite avid diggers. In an attempt to distract Bell, I put a cardboard box over one of the holes she was digging, and so she proceeded onto another one nearby (there are at least 6 or 7 holes at last count, all round the edge of the gardens). So, I put a plastic plant pot filled with sand in the hole thinking (naively) that that'd deter her. She investigated it for a while before tossing it aside. So off I dashed to grab my camera and then refilled the pot as best I could and put it back into her hole ... this is the result :)

Too cute, isn't she? And let me tell you if you place your foot over the hole either one of them is currently digging, they will not hesitate to let you know how unimpressed they are with a little nip (nothing that draws blood!).

Wow, blogger's internal "video-embed" thing totally sucks ... it just goes on and on and on with the processing. It's only a 1.4Mb file, t was faster to upload than to process (and it hasn't even finished processing!). Am now exploring the embedded YouTube video option ... finger's crossed! Damn, YouTube requires processing time too :P Meh, guess I will just have to post this tomorrow then!

10Sept08: And now it is tomorrow morning :) Seems overnight Blogger did finally manage to finish processing the vid so you can happily see it above :) Other than that ... our braai yesterday evening never happened, something far more unexpected came up!

I got a call from PianoGirl. Yes, the same person who hasn't spoken to me since May or whenever. And invited Varen & I over to Tuesday Dinner at her house. Now as most of you will know, we've been persona non grata at Tuesday Dinners since the May incident except occasionally when neither Daisy or PianoGirl have been in attendance ... this has usually been when it's held at J9 & Squeak's house. So anyway, I get this call, apparnetly Daisy isn't going to be there for dinner so would we like to join them. After much humming and ha-ing ... let's just say I'm a skeptical cynical person ... but I'm also someone who would rather let issues fade into the ether than deal with them head on (if they're as ridiculous as this one was) when it comes to my friends because honestly, there's no one you're going to agree with all the time and you don't always need to fight about these things, you can just talk about someone else. The way I see it is that's why one has multiple friends, to access different parts of our personalities. But anyway, that's just my opinion.

So yeah, we gave up our braai plans in an attempt to bury the now-ghostly hatchet and had a lovely evening there with the usual group. There was a new girl there I'd never met before and she certainly provided some interesting conversation. Now here's a question for you: Would you have Liposuction. Okay, let me be more specific, would you have Liposuction in your 20s? (She did at the ripe old age, my age, of 28)

Now I don't really know how I feel about this, I'd never really been faced with the reality of it before and as such I've never given it much thought, which leads me to believe I doubt I'd get it done myself ... although I did leave wondering if it's be a nice convenient alternative to dieting & gym. But isn't that just the lazy way out? I still have to say that I really don't think it's something I'll be doing in my lifetime!


Anonymous said...

Awww that is an adorable video! She's so cute! :)

Louisa said...

Mwahaha! She really doesn't dig that pot in her digging spot! Very cute... :-)

Sweets said...

that's one clever bunny :)

and no, no lipo for me, reality tv shows cured me from ever wanting that done to my body :)

Tamara said...

TOO CUTE! I'm amazed she stays so white with her digging habit.

As for liposuction... never. The thought repulses me. And it's incredibly painful. My godmother had it and was in agony for months. Now she has scars to prove she did it, but she's put all the weight back on.

Anonymous said...

lol your bunny is cute.

went to a party this weekend, the people had bunnies running around their garden.

made me think of you!

The Jackson Files said...

Your little Bell = too cute.

I'd definitely have lipo. If I have the money, I wouldn't even hesitate.

phillygirl said...

@jane - thanks :)

@louisa - nope, not one bit!

@tamara - she actually doesn't ... but she cleans herself up overnight :)

@exmi - tee hee, our bunnies do not handle other people well at all ...

@tjf - seriously? I really can't decide either way. I guess I feel I wouldn't because I can't think of a situation where it'd become an option ... would rather spend the savings I have now on travel, thanks very much :) But I do dream of an easy answer to losing a little weight!

I think @sweets & @tamara raise good points against it tho ... those reality shows are gross man! And yeah, if you don't actually change your lifestyle habits, you'll no doubt just be back for more in 12 months. Ah well ... each to their own.

Mr Jones said...

Ok.. What happens when get bunnies get horny? Just a thought.. especially if she has hit bunny puberty...

Lipo - hell yes.. if I were fat, felt ugly and could not get into my board shorts.. that why I kill myself in the gym. You know each to their own.. But the good Dr tells me that usually they put it back on... which just shows you should eat well (good stuff) and exercise.. (and then only then may lipo help). Now botox.. thats a whole different ball game.. night night south african sunshine.

PS Where did the ghostly hatchet get buried.

boldly benny said...

I LOVE that video! It's like she's saying: "What the hell? Why is this bucket in my beautifully dug hole?"

As for the lipo. Well, I've learnt never to say never. I also don't have problem with plastic surgery - if something is bothering you that much and you can fix it then by all means do it! But I think of all of the plastic surgery options lipo would be the one thing I probably wouldn't do and I doubt even more that I'd do it in my 20s. Look it's easy to say that because I'm not overweight and I enjoy exercise. I want a nice, lean and toned bod and lipo can't give me that. I probably wouldn't think twice about a nose job, eye lazer or such!

phillygirl said...

@mrjones - I'm guessing they mount each other ... as they do to as acts of dominance already anyway.

And exactly my point about lipo ... if you can't eat right and exercise beforehand, why bother cause it's all coming back in about 12 months!

erm, under the floor boards?

@benny - oh yes, she's quite annoyed with me for getting in the way of her prolific digging! Yeah, never say never is probably the best way to go with things like this :)

po said...

Hey, I came upon your blog via candi perfume girl, and I just want to say your bunny video is adorable! I am having serious pet withdrawal right now.

po said...

Ooops, I lied, I found your blog via the Blonde blogshell. Well either way, like the blog.

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