Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Up all Night

Another quiet Monday. Although, this one had a really good feel about it. I made some yummy pasta for dinner, we cracked open a bottle of wine, we prepared kebabs for tomorrow night's braai (the sunshine is really getting us into the braai mood and Varen has promised to be home early! Am really looking forward to it).

And then I went up to laze in the bath while Varen read downstairs on the couch. I put the bunnies to bed, while Varen read. I went up and read in bed, while Varen read. I went to sleep, while Varen read ... still on the couch. Eventually I woke up and he still wasn't in bed (2 & half hours after I turned out the light ... thinking he'd be up shortly). So I called him on his cell phone to find out where he was. Still on the couch reading - pahahaha. It must've been a good book? Nah, it was just another Terry Prtchett (okay, he does love love love those) that he'd read before. Me thinks it's just a good way to destress and wind down from work.

And that was the entire night ... plenty of reading and cooking / preparing for all!


Janine / Being Brazen said...

So unfair that you have sunshine there..Im craving a braai, but no sunshine in Cape Town at all.


boldly benny said...

This weather is perfect for braaiing! And you get to braai during the week - so lucky!
Post more pictures of the bunnies please, I just love to see them!

Sweets said...

i just have to tell you that your life sounds WONDERFUL... you just cook, read go to all sorts of great clubs and entertain!... ahh... i envy you :)

enjoy the braai!!!

phillygirl said...

@brazen - not only do we have sunshine, we have boiling hot temperatures. Our air cons at work were officially cranked up on Monday (and that was after the whole of last week was spent with the windows wide open!). Your sunshine will come :)

@benny - *if* Varen can drag his ass home early we can do week-day braais :) Will do ... you're in for a treat if I get this video upload thingy working!

@sweets - Pahahaha. Thanks! Funny how I just think my life is terribly boring :) But I guess I can enjoy being bored right now before I have any kiddies to distract me every moment of every day!

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