Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Elephant x 2

So last night Varen was home at a reasonable hour, before the sun set :) We had a quiet night at home. But we got some bad news ... that elephant in the room, not only is he not leaving, but he brought a friend. Oddly enough I'm still quite calm about things ... But eventually there's a point when you've pursued all possible solutions to a problem and still come up empty handed. Essentially it's not my problem, but it certainly has an impact on my life and I'm trying as best I can to help and support Varen thru this but it's hard to be upbeat when someone is feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders. For now tho, I'll help how I can and hopefully we'll get thru this together. On the plus side we have a lovely holiday coming up ... which this elephant is putting a serious damper on :( Damn, I wish more than anything that the SA exchange rates could just wind it back a year.

Anyway, on with more exciting things. Visas.co.za collected all my Moroccan Visa requirements yesterday and I'm hoping to get my passprt back on Friday or Monday next week at the latest. The nice thing is that included in that R399 service fee is a courier service :) And on the even more plus side, I got the outstanding info I needed for my Schengen visa. So as soon as I've got my passport back, I'll be re-queuing for that one. Hopefully it'll be smooth sailing from here :)


boldly benny said...

Good luck with the elephants and the visas - at least you have a fab holiday planned! Woohoo!

Janine / Being Brazen said...

I hope its all smooth sailing for you too...

So awesome that you are getting away soon - how exciting.

Tamara said...

Oh dear :-( Hope those elephants decide to move out soon.

Glad to hear the Visa stuff is starting to come right!

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