Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I Just Can't Think of a Suitable Title

Last night was book club. And, instead of usually being quite fired up after my girls-night, I was feeling oddly detached. Still am really. I think it's to do with the book I'm currently reading. And the way certain relationships with people at book club have deteriorated from people I used to count as friends to people I just see monthly at book club. Is quite sad if you ask me, although I seem to be the only one it bothers (or who even notices) ... or maybe it was an entirely intentional evolution of the relationship planned by the other side. Is really so hard to tell. And no, I am not the sort to ask that question. I will put in effort ... up until a point. If you consistently do not respond to my effort, I too will give up and then things will either fade into nothingness, or you will return the effort. Fade into nothingness seems to be the well-traveled path in these circumstances because I am not unfamiliar with them.

None the less, I still enjoy seeing these girls at book club and I definitely enjoy getting a new stash of books to read. So often I wonder if the thoughts swirling in my head are things that only bother me ... or if everyone is sitting on their side thinking similar things. Yeah yeah, if only people would just talk to each other, we could probably resolve all sorts of things. But to be fair, when it comes to friendships, people are more out to not hurt someone than be honest with them. I'm the just the same tho. Anyway, don't worry, as I said, all this stuff is coming from the book I'm currently reading ... it is very interesting (more in the actual review I'll write when I finish reading it tho!).

But other than the huge reflecting on friendships (or lack thereof), things are dandy :)

Oh, and the list for the September bloggirls lunch is now up and awaiting your names!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh The Female Brain - I cannot wait for a review on this one!

Sweets said...

i know exactly what you mean about that friendship issue... hope you feel attached real soon :)

phillygirl said...

@jane - even before the actual review, I can tell you, I'd recommend it to all girls and any boys who have an interest in understanding our bizarre seemingly nonsensical moods :)

@sweets - weird how lots of people feel the same but we still can't fix the issue. Is it society's fault or is it purely dependent on each individual's personality?

Unknown said...

I've felt the same many a time with new "friends" or acquaintances. That's life, sadly.

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