Thursday, September 04, 2008

An Unplanned Evening

Well last night turned out surprisingly well. From an evening I was expecting to spend eating a rushed dinner at home (before Varen headed off to climb) and then head off for a swim at the gym myself (missed yesterday's lunch time slot because of a particularly lengthy meeting), I was surprised to get a call from Bokkie who had a craving for sushi.

So while Varen went climbing, I went out eating. I must admit we gave Sakura a second chance. Okay, so the situation there is not as bad as I previously described, but I don't thikn I'll personally be heading back there anytime soon. I've figured out what they've changed. Their Prawn Maki ... like 65% of the reason I go there is because I loooved their Prawn Maki. They are padding it with rice. They used to add prawn, avo and mayo into the middle and it used to be three kinds of goodness, but now they're skipping the mayo and adding sticky rice into the middle. It's gross. It makes my mouth stick together as I try to chew it. And the overpowering rice flavour is sooo disappointing! Oh well, we live and learn ... but now I'm going to need new sushi spot tips. I don't really like Ocean Basket's sushi (too dry). And CTFM is still fairly low on my list after The Cape Town Experience. So suggestions / recommendations please people ... and naturally, it's only really helpful if these places are in the Johannesburg area :)

And that was about the entire evening. Although I did have a very lengthy family phone call, you know, the ones that get passed from person to person. Had to call the Littles (my twin cousins) for their 13th birthday yesterday. So, I spoke to each of them, then their older sis and then my mom arrived at their house so I had aquick chat with her and then naturally I couldn't go without another quick catch up with my gran. And all this while I was in a getting-rapidly-colder bath - technically I forgot to phone them until I thought about phoning my mom (because of the book I'm reading) and some synapse sparked. Luckily they were all still up and about at 9pm :)


Anonymous said...

I'm not big on Sushi but my sister and her BF go here all the time:

Jungle. :)

Unknown said...

Try the Fish & Wine Co. at the design quarter in Fourways...I haven't found better sushi in 3 years!

Arkwife said...

I've been to Jungle myself, it's an awesome sushi bar. You could also try Adega's...they have pretty good sushi. And finally, a little place called Sushi Tei, in Ruimsig in Roodepoort. It's this teensy little place next to the Dros on Doreen Road. Well worth a try :-)

Unknown said...

Agree on Jungle sushi. Also try Yamitsuki in Bedfordview.

phillygirl said...

Wow, who knew I had so many under-the-radar readers and all it took was some sushi talk to get them out of the woodwork :) welcome and hello!

@jane - apparently *everyone* agrees with your recommendation so apparently I'll have to give it a try next time I'm out in the East ;)

@david - hmmm, much closer to home, sounds worth a try too!

@arkwife - will have to investigate how far away Ruimsig is first :) But I am a fan of teensy undiscovered sushi spots!

@jacques - another one that'll have to wait till I find myself in the East again :)

boldly benny said...

There's a small little sushi spot in the Pineslopes Centre (next to the Spar). The sushi is awesome but don't try the cooked food - not that great! (The prawn tempura rolls are tops!)

Benkei in Illovo is quite good.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head!

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