Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Flying High

Last night a bunch of us (12 of us took up an entire row!) went to see Cathy Specific at the Victory Theatre.

Varen & I had dinner with J9 & Squeak beforehand and then went to battle the Victory Parking (expect to double park!). There we met up with Bob and some friends of mine from work. And at 8pm we all sat down to enjoy another Brendan van Rhyn performance.

What can I say, the man is fabulous. He is so charismatic on stage, I couldn't take my eyes off him or his endless legs ... and yes, all this even while he was dressed as a woman! I will say that his performance in Rocky Horror was the entire reason I booked for this show and I wasn't disappointed. I was also very impressed by his main supporting cast members (
Phumi Mncayi & Sean Redpath - not sure if they change each night?) who displayed an amazing variety of accents and characterisations of different cultures and stereotypes and complimented Cathy perfectly.

I'll definitely be going booking to see him in his next show, whatever that may be.

In other news, it seems (from everything I've found online) that we are going to have to get Bell spayed to curb her aggression :( We are hoping we can do this as soon as possible (gotta find a willing vet!) so that we can get the girls back into a hutch together again - they both seem very lonely since they've been separated :( Is such a sad situation. I must say tho even with all these issues I really had to stop myself getting a cute new little baby bun yesterday ... there were 4 week old pitch black dwarf buns at the pet shop I walked past. To be honest if I weren't about to go on holiday for 3 weeks, I would seriously be considering it ... although it's probably smarter to wait till we build the new bigger hutch (which hopefully won't need a divider to keep Bell & Henna separate anymore!).

And now ... there are just 2 more sleeps left till I'm off. But sadly the weather does not seem to be improving, stupid cold front :P Good thing I bought a fab new Knee Length, Waterproof Rain Jacket from Cape Union Mart yesterday - sheesh waterproof gear is expensive! But I love this new jacket and think it'll come in very handy for years ... could really have used it up on the mountain with the gorilla's last year!


boldly benny said...

WOOHOOO two more sleeps! I'm SO excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Wow P! You have done some many awesome things! :) That jacket is quite gorgeous though.

ExMi said...

hope all goes well with the bunnies...

Tamara said...

I love that man! One of the best Frankenfurter performances I've ever seen. What presence!

I dunno if i could convince my uber conservative TSC to see another performance where he's dressed as a girl though.

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