Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Variety of Stuff

So yesterday I took part in the Speak Up blogger's survey that I read about on Louisa's blog. Am hoping very few bloggers complete it to increase my chance of winning ... but also hoping loads of bloggers complete it to see more interesting results. So that said, if you're a blogger, go on over and fill'er in ;)

And there was something else I saw online yesterday that I wanted to mention ... but now that I sit here writing this, it completely escapes me! Oh well, for another post then. Damn, and I remembered it again on my way to work this morning! Oh yes, I remember. Check out If The World Could Vote. Sadly it doesn't represent America ... I mean we all know the world would never have voted Bush in twice! But it's still interesting. And then continuing with politics, but this time closer to home (which other than doing my bit and voting when it's required, I tend to steer well clear of). The possible break-away party led by Lekgotla is having a big old convention at Sandton City between 31 Oct and 2 Nov (this weekend). Now that'd be something really interesting to attend if politics is your thing ... or even, who knows, you could tell your kids you were there if it becomes (as I believe it will) a serious turning point in our history. Anyway, I won't be there, but I thought I'd mention it in case anyone else its curious.

Other than that I'm in a good mood this morning :) I've got on my new skirt (with working order zipper) and I'm feeling upbeat. Plus we're going to a show this evening which I'm really looking forward to! Still a few things I need to buy (the list seems to get longer every day!) before my trip tho ... a thin waterproof jacket-type thing being at the top of the list - especially now that I've been checking out the weather. Seems Spain's just been hit with a cold front and bout of rain. Although the predictions for Saturday are looking better than they did yesterday it's still quite a bit chillier than here. Second on the list is a SA > Europe plug. Am sick of buying a new plug for every place and was checking out some multi-plugs (we have a Multi > SA plug but it seems the opposite is harder to get your hands on!) but they don't all do the voltage conversion. Sigh. Anyway, will finally decide and buy one this afternoon ... one simply must be able to charge cellphone & camera batteries.

Last night was quiet. Varen got home around 21h30. I spent the night keeping a watchful eye on my bunnies. Was devastated this morn to find Bell had pulled out chunks of her own fur overnight (she's still on her own inside). But I couldn't find any gaping holes in her fur, will have a closer look this afternoon tho. But I have read about some bunnies doing this when they're having a phantom/false pregnancy and they're preparing a nest. They recommend getting them spayed to stop this (although it doesn't cause them any harm). But our local vets don't advise doing the procedure on such small animals. They'd only do it if we had male & female bunnies and even then they're only neuter the males (much easier proceedure ... as with humans). So I don't really know what to do. Sigh.


boldly benny said...

Oh shame, your poor little buns. I can only imagine your concern.
I am SO excited for you and your pending trip!

The Jackson Files said...

Goodness, who knew that bunnies were so complicated. I hope she stops pulling out her fur soon because it can't be pretty.

How many more sleeps? Two? Amazing.

ExMi said...

poor little buggers.

you sound excited, i hope you have fun on your trip:)

phillygirl said...

@benny - yep, the worry is exhausting.

@tjf - I know?! I hope we can get it sorted asap :( 2 more sleeps today :)

@exmi - yep, am really looking forward to it!!!

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