Friday, October 24, 2008

Gum's Famous

Am in a much better mood today. Could just be that things are wearing off, or it could be the long chat I had with my mom yesterday. Is hard to feeling able to talk to people about what's swirling in my head, but at least I know I can talk to her. If this persists, I will go back to see my psycho, but I figured with a week left before I leave on holiday (yes, A WEEK!), it wasn't worth going now.

Anyway, exciting news is that Bandi scanned in the family pics we have of Gum from the old Shell adverts, he must be about 3 or 4 years old in them so it was some time in the late 1920s. And it was totally him hanging there in the Matjiesfontein Transport Museum :) How cool is that?! Have included two pics below ... the first is the most similar to the one hanging in Matjiesfontein and the second is just so you can have a decent look at him in his cute little Shell car.

In other news, last night was very quiet ... Varen got home from work around 21h15 and left again (to go back to work after a pleading phone call) at around 21h30. Annoying or what? Also, I let the bun's sleep inside last night in their makeshift hutch ... Henna has huge chunks of fur missing again and I can see raw flesh where the hair has been pulled out, and where some has already started growing back. Am worried now that their hutch is too small and have plans to make a bigger space for them, with a divider so that we can separate them. They are perfectly fine together and actually often very cute how they "cuddle" when they're out with the whole garden / house downstairs. Sadly we don't have the time to sort something new out before I go away, which worries me more :(

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