Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Love Summer Braai's

Last night was nice ... Varen came home early, especially :) Since he can work to his heart's content (not really :P) this weekend while I'm in CT, so rather take an early evening now while I'm around. We decided to take advantage of Joburg's lovely weather and have a braai. Was a really nice evening. And today, I'm headed back to the Portuguese Embassy to collect my passport & Schengen Visa - whooo hooo!

Oh, and don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for those spaceships today - tee hee!


Anonymous said...

i dreamt about the spaceships coming, last night.

it was a War of the Worlds situation. they were killing everyone.

ps: please can you add the comment option for name/url to comment with - i'm not an openID/blogger user anymore!!!

The Jackson Files said...

I love summer braais too. We don't have a stove at home at the moment, so we're having a lot of impromtu braais. So cool.

And well done on the visa thing. I bet you are well happy.

po said...

Is today the day? Will definitely keep a look out!

Sweets said...

those damn ufo's are just too fast... i must have missed them whizzing past :)~

AngelConradie said...

lol... and today is the 15th... i didn't see any spaceships, did you!!?!

phillygirl said...

@exmi - then it really would've been an interesting week ;) Erm, will look into it ... but I think you're going to have a prob on a *lot* of blogs then too! Time to cave and register a gmail address me thinks!

@tjf - Tee hee, that reminds me of how we handled those Eskom power cuts! Thrilled re: the visa's!

@po - erm, seems there was sadly nothing much to see :(

@sweets - that's probably blossom goodchild's excuse ;) Paha!

@angel - nope, most certainly not ... ah well, maybe next time?

Anonymous said...

We have just started the braai. I'm sitting outside, watching the boys swim and smelling the braai. Oh the joys of summer :)

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