Monday, October 13, 2008

Tasty Weekend

The weekend was good. Varen worked late on Friday and the whole of Saturday, but I spent the time relaxing with my book, the bunnies & some new series (OMG, the opening scene of Grey's S5 is hectic!). Figure I needed to get in as much relaxing as possible before my long weekend to Cape Town (although I won't really be in CT) and our first ever entire-family holiday :) Looking forward to it!

I also went for sushi with Loulou on Saturday evening. You know, maybe it's just me, but I'm weird about last minute planning. I almost didn't even call her to do something cause I always assume people will already have made plans. But then I figured, well if she does have plans I'm in the same boat I started out in, so why not give it a try. I always think I have to organise things in advance to see people. I think it's more like that with couple-friends. You assume that because they're in a couple that they're already doing something, perhaps not with other people, but at least with each other. And to tell the truth that's not always the case. Anyhoo, it turned out to be fabulous to see her outside of Book Club :)

And then Sunday. Sunday Varen had the day off :) We had a relaxing morning at home and then headed off to Taste of Joburg (thanks Tamara for reminding me!)

I was amped for this the entire weekend because Varen & I had had such a a blast there last year, but it wasn't nearly as impressive, I didn't think. Weird how things this year (after having been last year and now having an expectation), things have not been as amazing as I remember them being previously. I dunno if it's just the rosiness of memory or if, as I said, it's having the pre-expectation this year that I didn't have last year.

Last year Taste seemed more spacious and also, I'm sure there were far fewer people - may have just seemed that way cause of it's spread-out-ness. I also really liked the "outdoor" factor of last years venue, a giant grassy field (although one of the people working there said the dust last year was awful, but I don't remember that). This year it was pretty much in a Monte Casino outdoor parking lot. And it was crammed into the space and filled with people! But the portions this year definitely seemed bigger than I remember from last year. But we certainly spent a fair bit of cash and ate lots! The heat definitely got to us in a big way and we didn't have as leisurely an afternoon as we did last year. We were in and out in an hour & half.

All in all, we tried plates from The Dining Room at The Grace, La Cucina di Ciro (me), Prosopa (me), Ristorante Ritrovo, Sel et Poivre (Varen), Sophiatown Bar Lounge, The Pot Kiln and Yum Nostalgia (Varen). Yes, yes, I know we didn't eat at either of my favs (Roots or soulsa) but I figure we're there to try something new. But anyway, the best bite of the day was the Tiger Prawn Diavolo style with Creamy Parmesan Risotto (from Ristorante Ritrovo) and specialy mention must be made for Prosopa's Smoked salmon layered with roasted zucchini & skordalia (garlic & potato pate).

After that we had a very relaxing Sunday afternoon :) Nice weekend!


boldly benny said...

Last year's Taste of Jo'burg was hard to beat because I had so much fun so I decided not to go as I was concerned it would pale in comparison. BUT sounds like I missed out on some goooooood food.

Anonymous said...

dammit, i cant believe i missed it.

will definitely try go next year.

Tamara said...

I didn't end up going in the end. But there's always next year. I love Ritrovo. Went there for my Dad's 50th. The chef came out and sang opera!

phillygirl said...

@benny - that was the smart move. In light of hardly having seen Varen very much lately I was definitely trying to recreate some of what I remembered from last year ... much to my disappointment :( But, despite that, the food is definitely always amazing!

@badmommy - definitely do not miss this at least once!

@tamara - yeah I read, your weekend sounded crazy busy!

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