Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Welcome Home

Had a nice quiet afternoon, catching up on yesterday's blog post, downloading photos and spending some time outside with the buns. And Varen came home early (18h30 ish) and we had dinner and a relaxing evening catching up. Was nice to be home. Although I still definitely wish I lived in the same city as my folks. I miss hanging out with them and a weekend, even a long one, is never long enough. And especially if something has upset me, it seems that time ends up being wasted on a bad mood ... which isn't always that easy to snap out of. But I'm feeling upbeat again and now focussing on my next adventure: Spain, Portugal & Morocco :) Yay.

Oh, and I forgot to mention 2 things:

Firstly (and most importantly), we found out a week or two ago that Mom no longer has to have the Liver Biopsy. Her liver function tests are back to completely normal. Which we all think is perfectly weird, that they seem to fluctuate this wildly ... like being off the charts one time and then well within normal the next. But for now she's not on any specific diet and is back to normal naturally :) Which is fab. Finger's crossed it doesn't swing wildly again.

And secondly, according to Afrigator, I'm in the Top 45 Female African Bloggers :) Which is pretty cool cause I'm like number 20 ... but a brief look at the list tells me that half the South African lady's I read don't even seem to be signed up on Afrigator ... so it's probably not all that accurate. But I'm enjoying it while I can :)

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