Friday, December 12, 2008

12 November: Chefchaouen to Fez

Today is the Peeb's birthday :) Happy birthday leetle sis ... hope you got my postcard in time!

We took taxi's from our idyllic Chefchaouen hotel to the bus station down the hill. Taxi's here seem to be Fiat Uno's and really have barely any space for 3 people and their luggage!

Then we caught a 09h30 public bus. Our bus trips to date have been on coaches (like Greyhound). The public bus wasn't too bad, just a tighter squeeze (even more so now that I'm traveling with a lamp!), a slower journey and much more crowded. At least there were no live chickens on board or strapped to the roof ;)

We stopped for a roadside lunch around 1pm. They had sheep handing out in the open and a nearby "braai" type area. I wasn't hugely keen on trying it initially but, lots of people were and looked still looked well enough so I threw caution to the wind and had some of the kofta. It was so yummy, freshly cooked, mixed with spices and eaten with fresh bread.

We continued on our journey and got to Fez at about 15h30. Then took another taxi ride to our hotel, Hotel Olympic. Driving here seems to be as hazardous as in Cairo!

We went for a wander around the area surrounding our hotel (our usualy city orientation walk) and then took a quick taxi ride so we could walk thru the Medina (you can't go too far on your own without a guide in the Fez Medina because it encompasses over 9000 little roads ... they actually stopped trying to count them!) to Restaurant Dar Jamai (interior on left) where we had a 7 course dinner.

I am definitely enjoying the food more in Morocco than in Spain or Portugal! It's actually so nice to see some veggies again :)

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