Friday, December 12, 2008

The Mommelle Has Landed

The Mom has arrived :) I went to fetch her at the airport yesterday afternoon ... and as much as I think the Gautrain is going to be a big fat waste (and don't get me started on those extra high-way lanes ... by the time they finish, current schedule says that'll be in 2011, they'll need to start on a new idea!) I can not wait for the Sandton to Ort route to be completed because *that* I think will be useful. The traffic was horrendous.

But we got her home and hung out for a while (went thru my all 648 of my holiday photo's & videos), showed her all the cool things we'd bought on holiday & my new laptop and she got to play with the girls (who will be thrilled to get to run around all day while someone is home!) and can't believe how Henna has grown into a little fluff ball since she last saw her.

Then we went for dinner at CTFM in Cresta and was certainly better than our Cape Town Experience. Varen had one of their new Set Menu Type things which looks pretty good - if you have the space for a starter, main & dessert, and mom & I had sushi :) And now I sadly have to work ... even tho yesterday felt like such a Friday!

To all of you who are reading for your last day before heading off on Summer hols, I hope you have a blast and look forward to having you back, avidly catching up, in the New Year. I will be here pretty much all the way thru December (having taken my 3 weeks leave in November) and it will be "programming as normal" at Glad to be a Girl (so schedule like a whole day or two of blog-reading on your return, cause there'll be plenty!). Have a blast :)


BioniKat said...

Hope you have a great time visiting with your mom. It's always fantastic to spend time with your family especially when you haven't been seen them for a while.

Unknown said...

I'm not going away either :)
Hopefully the shops will be quieter next week!
Enjoy the time with your mom

phillygirl said...

@momcat - thanks, I completely agree!

@jenty - thanks :) unfortunately there does not seem to have been the usual Joburg exodus ... people are taking leave and all, but they don't seem to have left Joburg ... the shops are crazier than ever (or maybe it was just this weekend - fingers crossed!)

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