Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas Market Tuesdays

Eep, I have just realised that I completely missed mentioning my 2nd Blogoversary (it was Sunday, so that's kinda acceptable!). Wow, in the 2 years I have posted 623 times, had 2 jobs, 2 boyfriends, lived in 2 places (I see I must be averaging one a year of everything then - tee hee!) but, I've been on 3 holidays (although I've posted about 3 more, thanks to back-dated posting), written 12 Accommodation Reviews, 81 Book Reviews, 74 Movie Reviews, 96 Restaurant Reviews and recommended 6 Recipes. Wow, pretty eventful I'd say :) So cheers to that.

Last night I dragged Varen off to the Bryanston Organic Moonlight Christmas Market (it's on every Tuesday evening leading up to Christmas). The first time I ever went to the Bryanston Market was for one of these Moonlight Markets and I remember it being amazing. There were fairy lights and people bustling and lots to see. But since then I've been to their usual Organic Market on a Saturday morning. I will say that I haven't been in a really, really long time. The things rarely change. I don't think I've ever actually bought anything there but food, but I forget. That's my point. It is always the same and it's never stuff I'd actually buy, I don't think :( So it was a little disappointing as I wandered around the same stalls for the 3rd time for the evening although we'd only been there an hour and still couldn't find something for the bloggirls secret santa :( I hate Secret Santa. It's so much easier if you know who you're buying for ... well, sometimes. Now it'll be a mad rush on Saturday morning before the braai. Oh well, I did try to be organised!

Anyhoo, after the Market didn't quite live up to my memory, Varen & I went for dinner at Sfigati. The first time we actually sat down and ate there rather than ordered take-out :)

Had a horrible dream last night that I lost Henna down a storm drain type thing and I couldn't get to her or get her out and I was afraid that if I couldn't save her, she'd die. Not a great way to wake up. But on with Wednesday :) And looking forward to our company Xmas day tomorrow ... yay, I get another 4 day week!


Tamara said...

Happy belated second bloggy birthday! Glad I'm not the only one stuck on the secret santa thing!

Louisa said...

Congrats on your second bloggaversary!

Unknown said...

I must agree it is difficult not knowing who we're buying for!

phillygirl said...

@tamara - thanks :) yeah, is damn tricky!

@louisa - thanks :)

@jenty - completely ... who's bright idea was this anyways ?!?!

Tamara said...

Hehehe... yours, I think ;-)

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