Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday Plus Buns

Last night was another typical Monday. We stayed home ,ate dinner, watched Series (we have loads to catch up on!!). But things are good :) Things with the bunnies are improving rapidly! Bell still chases Coal, but in the same way she chases Henna. We even ended up with all three of them in one hutch for a little while yesterday (This is a huge achievement!). It happened by accident really. Henna had gone in there to lie down & get out of the heat (she had a very lazy day yesterday. Coal sometimes climbs up the ramp and jumps into the hutch ... but he has no idea how to get out again so he was just eating and lying down there too. And then Bell jumped in a little while later to eat some pellets and have a drink of water. Wow.

While we were watching TV I had Coal & Henna snoozing on my lap together ... was sooo cute once they calmed down :) Hen has been getting much less attention lately because a) she doesn't like to be picked up and cuddled as much as the others and b) What with trying to bond Coal & Bell, they've been getting all my attention! So I wanted some time with her. I hope those two will bond well (Bell was left to wander the house which she loves to do ... she's too restless to just snooze on our laps). Almost let them spend the night together in one of the hutches last night, but I figured Hen is probably "waking up" when it get's cooler and then trying to mount him like she does with Bell and he's just too little to be able to get away (Bell will let Henna know if she's irritating her!). And I think that's how he's getting little bits of fur pulled out. So we went the safe route instead. As I said yesterday, I don't think I'll be letting them share a hutch till Coal is bigger.

Other than that, having the buns on my lap last night (shedding) seems to have irritated my eye ... which I then rubbed and rubbed - it was itchy, okay? And this morning I still look like Varen punched me! He didn't ... but I'm all puffed up, only on one side. I feel ridiculous. At least there's barely anyone at work today ;)


Unknown said...

Oh dear about your eye, you should remember to wash your hands after touching them then. I have to do that with my mom's dogs.

phillygirl said...

@jenty - yeah, that's a good suggestion. My problem is that I just can't stop rubbing my eye when it gets itchy ...

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