Monday, December 01, 2008

First Weekend Back

Shoo, what a way to spend our first weekend back. Not a lot of relaxing going on here!

Friday night started with dinner out with JofH and YogaCherryl. They got married and went on honeymoon in the Philippines for 3 weeks. It was an interesting way of doing things, they signed the legal bits at home affairs on the Friday and had celebratory drinks with friends and family that evening (which sadly I had to miss because that was the weekend I was in Cape Town). On the Monday they headed to the Philippines for 3 weeks where the had a wedding ceremony on the beach with just the two of them there. I've seen the photos and it looks truly spectacular. Sadly we also missed their welcome-back wedding-dinner because we were still in Morocco. Hence the catch-up dinner on Friday night.

We went to Bismillah, an Indian restaurant in Fordsburg. The food was okay, but the funny thing was we weren't allowed to order anything hotter than a Medium ... they obviously didn't think a bunch of white folk could take the heat - tee hee! Anyway, the evening was all good and we gave them their tagine-for-two wedding gift :)

On Saturday we hit the shops and accidentally bought a new bunny hutch (it was such a spontaneous purchase). So on Saturday the girls went from living in this (left) to the high life with a spanky new double-storey (right).

It's taking them some getting used to, that's for sure! The ramp is a bit slippery for them (no grip) so on Sunday we bought some dowels and glued on some grips as well as made them a ramp out the door from the bottom. Hopefully things will improve during the week as they get used to their new home :) The old one will hopefully now be moved to the farm in time for our Christmas break there.

Oh, and I also update the Salamanca to Coimbra post with a photo of the girls enjoying the treats I bought them :)

After the excitement of the new bunny hutch, we headed out East to Exmi's Kid's first birthday party. Was fabulous ... even tho we were in the small minority, not having a kiddie ourselves. Especially nice to see so many of the bloggirls (Exmi, Jackson's Mom, Angel & SleepyJane) and a few new blogger faces (Jeanette & MommaNats) there too :) Am now really looking forward to our Christmas braai next weekend! Ps. Angel, those cupcakes were amazing! You can see some pics of the party on Jeanette's photo blog. I will say that Exmi certainly outdid herself with the excessive catering. Not a soul went home without a sugar-high, I'm sure :)

After that we headed to Varen's folks place for a welcome-back family braai. Was a lovely way to spend the Saturday :)

Sunday was spent madly dashing from shop to shop, from Clearwater Mall to Eastgate, if you can believe it. All because I've finally given Varen the go-ahead to find me a laptop. He's undeterable when he's a man after a gadget, even if it's a gadget he'll get to buy vicariously thru me. He knows he'll get all the "fun" (well he thinks it's fun anyway!) of doing the setting up, installing and what not before I even get to touch it. Hence the willingness to drive (almost literally) to the ends of the earth to find the right deal. Well, I'm the one looking for the "deal", he's looking for the "specs".

After hours of driving around with no luck (I am still laptop-less), we came home and re-vamped the new hutch (as described above).

And then Sunday afternoon spiraled into a void. Varen had a migraine, again. After he'd tried to get some sleep, drunk his body weight in water and sat in front of the fan and it had still not improved, I went to the local after-hours pharmacy (handy knowing where that is!) and got him what they call a "Migraine Kit". They didn't get to stay in his system very long so, 45 mins later we were in the Emergency Room for some stronger drugs. Wasn't much of Sunday left after that ...

Oh and a weird thing happened to me on Saturday night / Sunday morning. I woke in the middle of the night with a hectic pain in my calf muscle. I woke Varen cause I could hardly move and he just rubbed it for me until it was okay. I've never had a cramp quite like that before. He said he could even feel how tightly wound the muscle was. Hmmm, wonder what I was dreaming or what the hell happened while I was asleep to cause that!


ExMi said...

thanks for coming, guys. and for the coolest tipper truck thing. (i'm a girl, i don't really know what it is!)

Anonymous said...

Ouch! That cramp sounds super painful! I've had a foto cramp while I was sleeping (which obviously woke me up).

Sounds like you had a busy weekend, like me!

The Jackson Files said...

Man. That migraine and that cramp sound hideous. But LOVING the hutch.

It was very cool to see you again.

Tamara said...

Hope Varen's ok now!

Busy weekend, but sounds like fun. Except the sore bits, obviously.

Your word verification made me type "hottent".

Unknown said...

It was so cool meeting you finally!
Strange about the place that didn't want to serve you hot curry :) LOL! I'm not sure how you "accidentally" buy a rabbit hutch.

boldly benny said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Barring the migraine and cramp.

I used to get really bad calf spasms/cramps a couple of years - they'd start in the one leg and then duplicate in the second leg. My muscles would go rock hard and they'd still be tight in the morning.

There was speculation that I was lacking different things in my diet, perhaps go for blood tests?
My therapist also claimed I wasn't dealing with certain things in my life. I guess it was all of the above in my case!

AngelConradie said...

it was so cool to see you again, and to meet varen! i can't wait to see you all on saturday again!

phillygirl said...

@exmi - I'm also such a girl so I sent Varen out to do the boy-gift shopping :)

@jane - yep it was. Wonder what I was dreaming about ;)

@tjf - Yeah was not ideal, but how cool is the hutch :) I love it! And very cool seeing you again too :0

@tamara - yep he's doing much better! Pahahahah on the word verification!

@jenty - and very nice meeting you too :) Erm, well we didn't set out to buy a rabbit hutch (obviously), but when we saw it it just seemed like the perfect purchase. Weird, I know!

@benny - yeah a girl at work told me she get's it too and apparently it might have something to do with low potassium. Which is mad cause I have a banana daily with breakfast!! Anyhoo, if it happens again I'll definitely get it checked out.

@angel - looking forward to it :)

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