Tuesday, January 13, 2009

23 November: Marrakech to Madrid

We said goodbye to everyone at breakfast this morning and headed off to the Medina one last time. Varen got a good traditional single-blade shave. Smoo-ooth!

It is quite boring wandering the Medina now that I've bought everything I want and your certainly begin to notice how stall after stall is selling the same thing. I preferred it when it was still a novelty and a new experience for me, bright and colourful and I felt like a magpie overwhelmed with new things to look at. I think I'm now definitely ready to be heading home. In the end I can comfortably say I've enjoyed my holiday ... even after questioning it completely a few days ago. I think all trips like this, where one is traveling for more than 2 weeks, have ups and downs. Especially when traveling with strangers, it is easy to become despondent. I really enjoyed having Varen join me, although I know it would've been even better having him around for the full 3 weeks. I am very happy to see how well we travel together because I was a little nervous initially ... I know I can be quite particular and need to be organised (till I join the tour and then it becomes someone else's problem!)

Anyway, now we are flying to Madrid where we have an 8 hour stop-over and a boarding-pass hurdle to jump (they wouldn't give us both before we left Morocco and Varen doesn't have a Schengen Visa so who knows what'll happen!) before our final flight home to Joburg.

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