Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two Fun Things

So another uneventful Monday evening at home :) But I have 2 fun things to report:

Firstly, my little boy is great. He's such a cutie and I could watch him all afternoon, racing around the garden at top speed and randomly jumping about, honestly he always looks surprised! It's sorta like teleporting, one minute he's in one spot and the next he's half a meter away :) In other exciting news, he climbed up the first step of our stairs yesterday (we've stopped blocking them off since the girl's died as Coal hadn't yet figured out that they're there). It's so cute. I remember when Bell & Henna were just getting big enough to climb the stairs too.

Secondly I made some yummy Veal Parmigiana for dinner last night. It was so quick and easy and tasted delish (think I will try some aubergine & courgettes next time tho). I even brought the leftovers in for lunch today. The new recipe, eating-less-instant-food plan is working :)


Louisa said...

I'm glad he's okay. :-)

Guess you'll have to start blocking your stairs again now?

The Jackson Files said...

I'm so gald that little Coal is okay. It must have been an awful time for you. have you heard back from the autopsy yet?

boldly benny said...

Oh cute, I'm so glad he's doing well!

phillygirl said...

@louisa - probably only when he get's a bit older ... at the moment he hasn't yet figured them out so it's still too cute to watch!

@tjf - nope not yet ... spoke to the vet earlier tho. Guess the slides can take a while to come back. Hopefully tomorrow tho!

@benny - thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Glad Coal is good!

Veal sounds yummy :)

Unknown said...

Very glad that Coal is doing well!

phillygirl said...

@harrassedmom - the veal was yummy!

@jenty - oh, me too :)

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