Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cough. Splutter. Sneeze.

We had a good Monday night. I made Thai-style Chicken and Butternut (we don't really have Pumpkin soup here is South Africa) Soup. It was delish and even Varen who thought my Nam Jim Chicken was too Thai for him, loved it :) Looking forward to the left-overs for lunch!

I also managed to trance Lily. Weird, I know, but it's something we'd read about with Bell and have never really successfully managed to do it to any of them ... till Lily. (that's her in the photo on the right lying tranced on my legs - yes, without her ears she does look a little like a mole :P)

"The tranced state of your rabbit is actually an instinct. Rabbits will play dead and wait for an opportunity to escape when captured by a predator."

Lily is the easiest bunny in the world to trance ... although it is completely freakish to see! I've read some conflicting stories about whether or not rabbits enjoy being tranced some say it all depends on the rabbit in question and some say it's the most relaxed they'll ever be. Bell used to sort of do it to herself by rolling over against a wall. Coal seems to do something similar too. Either way, I won't be doing it to Lily too often :) But she is definitely no longer as skittish as Henna and has even started getting friendly with me, climbing up onto my lap when we sit in the garden - although Coal got a bit jealous yesterday afternoon and chased her off ... I think he thinks my lap is his domain alone.

In other news, I'm finally admitting that I am sick. Not very sick, I don't think ... but a lingering sort of cold type sick :P Blegh. If I'm honest. I've probably been like this since we got back from Morocco! Eep. But these days it's just getting annoying. I'm blasted by the air-con at work (I sit directly opposite it) and Varen can't sleep without the fan on us at night. Eithere I boil under the duvet or get frozen by the constant draft :( I'm on a mission today to invest in some serious Vitamin C and other cold-remedys. I'm sick of barely beaing able to breathe when I wake up in the mornings and coughing and living on strepsils for my throat. I never get sick. This is very frustrating :(


boldly benny said...

I love the way she is splayed out on your lap! I would probably have to be very strict with myself if I had buns because I would want to do it all the time!

I think I've mentioned it before but I swear by Vitamin B shots - they really give the immune a boost. My colleague swears by olive leaf extract and my friend says that if you gargle warm water with a few drops of tea tree, it really clears sore throats and blocked noses. Good luck, I hate the lingering feeling of being sick - I had it towards the end of last year.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon Phillygirl!

The picture of Lily is just the cutest little thing! :)

Tamara said...

Being sick is crap. Apparently, spices like cayenne pepper adn ginger are supposed to help your immune system. Maybe you can incorporate those into your awesome range of recipes.

I made nachos for supper last night and the chili definitely cleared my nose ;-)

Janine / Being Brazen said...

Well Done on becoming a finalist on the weblog awards - seems i am one too!!! We clearly rock!!

Good luck

feel better soon


Laura said...

Hope the vitamin C gives you a boost!!

Air cons are the WORST - they are like traps for all things germ-like and evil!

Unknown said...

That's no good... the being sick bit... it's been a long time!! Hope you see the doc about it!

phillygirl said...

@benny - yeahm I'm holding myself back! Thanks for the suggestions :)

@jane - thanks :)

@tamara - have been using lots of ginger & garlic in recent meals :) ooh, nachos, yum!

@brazen - thanks, and you too!!

@laura - you are so right, I hate air-cons :P

@jenty - it's been more on & off than constant since Morocco, but it has been ages now :P I was just sorta accepting it (cause I'm never sick it takes ages for me to admit it!), Hopefully going tomorrow :)

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