Monday, January 26, 2009

Lovely Night-Away

On Friday night we didn't get up to much at all. But on Saturday we got the admin out of the way and in the afternoon headed off for Varen's birthday night-away. So I know it probably sounds crazy going away for a night in Krugersdorp, but I was looking for somewhere less than an hour & half drive from home and I have a soft spot for crazy little places, so when I found Gastehuisie (Afrikaans for Guest House) online, it moved to my number one choice. Actually I gave Varen a choice of 6 places that he could choose between (it was his birthday night-away after all ;) ) and he choose this one too!

It's so fun. Okay it's a lot more actually "in Krugersdorp" than I was really expecting, but once you're behind their big wooden gates, you can forget that. It's like a fantasy land :) There are crazy mosaics everywhere, the coolest koi fish pool I've ever seen! Along with very friendly koi fish, one of which will even jump right out of the water if he thinks you have food (lucky I got a well-timed photo for you!)

I don't know how many rooms they have, but the rooms were sadly quite ordinary inside (none of the zaniness of the communal areas or outside). But fine enough. It's quite cool that the hot water is gas-heated ... until the people in the room next door get home at around 1am and decide on a hot bath. Noisy!

For dinner on Saturday evening, we decided to try out Silverstar Casino (having only actually realised where it was as we drove passed it en route to Krugersdorp!). It truly is an odd-looking building as you drive past, but quite lovely when you get up close. It's a pretty small casino in my opinion, but it's got a stunning water feature ;) Varen & I took a break between our starter & main meal to head out onto the deck / boardwalk area to watch the spectacular fountain display. And it really is spectacular. If you go to Silverstar for no other reason than to watch the fountains at play at least once, it'd be worth it ;) Wish I'd had my camera along, but we really had no idea we'd see more than just the inside of another casino.

We decided on dinner at Steak, to be honest there isn't all that much restaurant choice - I said it was a pretty small casino (compared to Monte & Grand West). But, our food was good. I started with a Prawn Cocktail (they charge extra for avocado, can you believe it?!) and Varen had snails (with extra bacon). For mains I had their Biltong, Avo & Cheese Fillet. It was decent enough, although I didn't finish it - was so full by then! Varen had Lamb Shank which I think he really enjoyed. And they have someone coming round to the tables selling biltong too. Needless to say, dinner cost more than our night away ;) But it was definitely a fun night-away and I think we were in dire need of it.

Sadly we headed home quite early on Sunday morning because Varen had to head into work :( I lazed at home watching series and the buns ... until he got home and then he went to get his haircut & do our weekly shop while I went off to the tweet-up at Cool Runnings.

Hmmm, the tweet-up. It was interesting. Nothing quite like I expect a blogger-meet would be tho. And to be honest I don't know that I'll be bothering to attend another one. I just don't know tweeple in the way I know people who's blogs I read. I guess it's cause I don't follow twitter constantly and I certainly don't follow all the people who were there yesterday ... it's like meeting up with random strangers where the only common ground is that you all use the same application. But with bloggers, you really get to know someone who you read on a daily or even weekly basis. I dunno, maybe it's just me. Also, I don't expect that someone following me on twitter would have nearly any sort of idea who I am as a person ... but someone who reads my blog, well then you'd know nearly everything ;)

I stayed about 2 hours, for one delish Vanilla Mojito and then went home to Varen, Coal & Lily. Varen had bought them a nice basil treat so I gave it to them outside (annoying the garden is still completely sodden!) Aren't they just the cutest? I included the pic of Lily with the PnP Basil packet so you could see just how tiny she still is.

Sadly tho, we have figured out that the pet shop must've lied when we bought Coal and he is not a dwarf bunny. I just thought they were lying about how old he was when we bought him, but I guess not. I should've known from his gorgeous giant ears tho. So it'll be interesting. At just over 2 months old he's probably the size of a fully grown dwarf bunny ... so we'll see how big he actually gets. Damn I hope he can still fit in the hutch ;) So I guess even when they're fully grown, he'll be our Big Boytjie and she'll be Little Lily. Anyway, he's still my favourite boy! He's got such a lovely gentle nature. And Lily has settled in well after a week with us :) And her fur is definitely growing back!


The Jackson Files said...

Interesting about the twitter thing, I have to say that although I signed up I just never got into it.

Anyway, it's the bloggirls next week which will be FUN.

Leaping Koi fish...for some reason Jackson is terrified of fish, so that would totally freak him out!

BioniKat said...

Your picture of the Koi is amazing. I've never seen that before. It actually looks like its standing on its fins! Lily and Coal are both very cute. I have had buns before although they mainly stayed in their hutch but I had them for quite a number of years. I had small kids then so couldnt give them so much attention but they kept each other company as I had three. I've got kitties now.

Anonymous said...

You find the cutest places phillygirl! I am definitely keeping that place in mind if J and I go away for a weekend. I think I maybe even book it for next month - well see. :)

Laura said...

How amazing is that koi!!!!

And your little bunnies are too cute!

It was nice meeting you yday though but I do get where you are coming from with regard to the whole thing! I think twitter is actually more about networking than creating the type of friendships something like bloggirls does

Tamara said...

hehehe... That's such a cool pic od the Koi. And of your buns. I can't get over how little Lily is!

Glad you enjoyed the night away.

phillygirl said...

@tjf - definitely looking forward to bloggirls on Saturday :) Seriously tho, Jackson is terrified of fish?!? How strange. But then, there are probably some koi in that pond not much smaller than him ;)

@momcat - I'll admit that it took about 30 photos to get that perfect one ;) Aw, I love my bunnies and I'm sure you love your kitties just as much!

@jane - oh, you should definitely keep it in mind, it's an amazing little place :)

@laura - wow, i think you just said it perfectly, you are absolutely right about the differences between blogging & twitter!

@tamara - I know, isn't the koi mad?! You don't realise how small Lily is till you see her right next to an everyday item ;) (well you guys who only see her in pics don't, I guess)

Unknown said...

How weird are those koi!!
Cannot believe I cannot make either one of the meets!! Damn!

AngelConradie said...

sheesh, he's huge already!

phillygirl said...

@jenty - don't worry, there'll always be others!!

@angel - I know!

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