Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday Stuff

Last night was another typical Monday in our house. Except I went to gym after work (felt guilty after skipping on the weekend ... in our defence we did try on Sunday afternoon but the pool lanes at Brightwater & Randburg were all full :P). And Varen had to work late ...

I spent oodles of time outside with Coal & Lily yesterday afternoon and took some fab pics of our new little girl ... but sadly my computer is rather indisposed at the moment as it is preparing for a change in operating system: yes that's right, I'm leaving Linux behind and heading back to good old Windows (7). Hopefully I will get a chance to add the pics to this post later this afternoon. She's a real cutey, I love watching her stand up on her back legs (she does this a lot more than any of the others did ... and I've noticed Coal doing it a bit more too?). Another thing we've noticed that these do a lot more of is licking their "lips". We see that little pink tongue darting in and out of their mouths often (very cute really). I hardly ever remember seeing Bell or Henna's tongue.

In other news, the dinner dish of the day was Hot & Sour Steamed Fish with Thai Salad. It's my 5th dish in my new-year-new-recipes challenge and it was my first disappointment. It wasn't that it flopped or anything, the fish was fine enough (I'm not a huge fan of fish, truth be told). It was the salad, it was completely over-powering. I felt my lips purse with every bite. Every bite a different pungent flavour (it had mint, coriander, basil, mango and a chili-lime dressing ... too much!). Now I don't think we have un-adventurous taste-buds, but this was just too too much, even for us. Won't be making it again.


Tamara said...

I hate that feeling of too many flavours at once. But your dishes have inspired me and I tried a new chicken lime curry with saffron rice last night. It was super yummy.

The Jackson Files said...

I'm loving there recipe updates! And can't wait to see pictures of Lily.

Louisa said...

Sorry the fish didn't come out like you expected, but hopefully the next dish will.

Your bunnies are too cute! :-)

Tanya said...

Sorry about the salad...but I just adore your bunnies!!!! awwwwwwwwww !

phillygirl said...

@tamara - glad you have been inspired :)

@tjf - pictures are up ... hopefully soon some of the recipes will be up too ;)

@louisa - yeah, but as Varen said to me, when you're trying 3 or 4 new recipes a week, they can't all be amazing! 1 dud out of 5 ain't so bad me thinks ;)

@tanya - glad you like 'em :)

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