Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Year is Improving

Last night's new-year-new-recipes dinner of Nam Jim Chicken was a great success :) I absolutely loved it and although I didn't have quite all the right ingredients (can you even buy Coriander Root in this country??), it worked out perfectly. Varen was even impressed with the display, like restaurant food he said! Even I was impressed which is why there happens to be a photo :). Pity he is not as much of a fan of Thai food as I am ... because it was my favourite dish of the week. He went and polished off the left over gnocchi instead :( That's not to say he didn't eat the chicken, it was just the "fiddly" bits he left, the sprouts, basil and coriander. I ate mine along with my chicken and it went wonderfully! I've even put it all together on a sarmie for lunch today. This new dinner plan is working wonderfully to provide me with lunch :) As promised, as soon as I get round to trying the recipe a 2nd time, I will blog the recipe with pics ... I just prefer to make sure it's really delish before going to the effort ;)

Oh, which reminds me, I put up the cute pic of Coal-a-roo that I promised on yesterday's post. He's still fine ... although was in a funny unfriendly lone-bunny kinda mood yesterday evening, which immediately sets warning bells ringing in my ears. Still no word on Henna's autopsy results tho ... I promise you'll be one of the first to know!

I also wanted to jot down two things that drive me inexplicably crazy:
Firstly, why (oh why!) do people who live in a complex leave their front doors wide open?!? I know you have a security gate, but seriously .... the door right onto the walkway. Sure, I completely understand having those 2 big double glass doors onto the garden open, especially in this weather. I do it all the time. Onto my *private* garden. But all of you (literally I think it is almost every 2nd door I walk past to get to our unit) leave your front doors wide open to the world. It irritates the crap out of me and I think someone should either walk into your house when you do this or go and close your door (I am often tempted but never had).

Secondly, people who randomly sing. All. The. Time. Our cleaning lady at work is back from Christmas holiday and she does it. I can't begin to explain how much it drives me nuts. It doesn't even sound coherent. It's like someone constantly mumbling next to you. Yeah yeah, maybe she's happy and filled with bliss and just needs a way to express it. I don't think so. Mostly I think it's one of the most inconsiderate things people can do when in regular public places. I don't have a choice, I have to hear it. It was nice and quiet and now you've ruined it with "your version" of singing. Naturally I put my iPod straight in, if I can. Please note: I don't actually have anything against people singing under the right circumstances ... and if they're doing it properly, like with words you can hear and people are there to listen etc. It's this half-under-the-breath constant noise that invades my brain and drives me crazy. This is right up there with peopel who talk in the cinema. Luckily I've never had to experience this sort of "singing" in the cinema or I think I might explode. I have, however, had to endure it while paying for items in a checkout queue. I. Just. Don't. Get. It. What goes on in a person's mind who sort-of-sings to themselves around other people who can not escape (like when I'm working at my desk or waiting to pay, I'd leave immediately if I could!).

Ah, I feel a little better after that vent :) And to finish off, I wanted to mention that the bloggirls events for 2009 are getting started again. I have a full year planned, and this year looks to be even more fun for us bloggirls living in Joburg! So if you are a girl-blogger living in Joburg and want to join us for one of these get togethers and meet some truly fabulous women, sign up for the January event!


The Jackson Files said...

I loathe whistling and people who chew gum loudly.

I think whistling is as bad as smoking - it's like: don't get in my ears and infringe my brain space PLEASE.

And when people snap their chewing gum, I just want to kill them. I'm also not that keen on the fake minty smell. In fact, I think chewing gum should be banned.

Anonymous said...

I don't really mind singing or humming. What drives me NUTS is when people sniff.

The woman I share an office with doesn't even do a dainty sniff. It's disgusting.

Guess what's my word verification. "hatealot" I shit you not!

Tamara said...

LOL at the comments from Jackson Files and Sleepyjane!

I love gum. I don't snap it though. But I would never survive in Singapore. R might ;-)

I'm with Sleepy - singing is not too bad. Sniffing is unforgiveable.

Once again, your supper looks awesome. You have made me hungry how many times this week now?

Louisa said...

That chicken looks really yummy :-)

boldly benny said...

I'm with Sleepy Jane, I cannot cope when people sniff loudly - it actually makes me feel ill! YUCK!

In other news, I'd like that recipe please. MM and I love cooking but I think we're in a bit of a rut!

BioniKat said...

Two cleaning ladies both singing. Luckily the buyer (not me) told them to shut up. I think they were singing hymns. Now they just talk loudly to each other. Another pet hate especially with having a microwave at work is the smell of food in the workplace. The financial director likes microwave popcorn and that stinks up the place. Or how about the delicate aroma of burnt toast. Sorry maybe just me but yuck!

phillygirl said...

@all - pahahahaha. thanks so much for sharing all the little things that annoy all of you! I seriously thought I was gonna get some uppity comments about how could I get annoyed at someone singing. What a pleasure to know I'm not alone!

@tjf- oh yes, I HATE whistling too. It's on a par with singing. I think the gum thing is more about those people who chew with their mouths open for me ... now that is just gross.

@jane - that is the *perfect* word verification for this post!!

@tamara & louisa - the dinner was delish, thanks :)

@benny - I have no doubt it'll appear on the blog in a week or two ;) although I have a *lot* of new recipes to try out before I start re-doing them.

@momcat - yep, foodsmells in the work place can be annoying ... it really depends what it is and if it smells betetr than my lunch ;) tee hee.

Unknown said...

Hehe, hey! I've been known to hum :)
that chicken dish looks amazing!

AngelConradie said...

erm... ahem. whilst i sing and dance almost non-stop, often apparently without realising it (ask glugs), i have a client who "sings" these incoherent and tuneless- what i can only assume are either church songs or some traditional ditties- under his breath all the time and it drives me bananas! i can't get away with an ipod, but i put in one earphone and that helps a little.

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