Friday, January 16, 2009

Paranoid Me

Yay, another Friday. And this one is quite important ... after work I have a lengthy list of last minute things to get done before Varen's birthday tomorrow! So far we haven't planned much, been a bit out of the birthday spirit with the way the year started. But we're having his family over for a champagne brunch tomorrow morning (that'll be 8 of us in total!). Should be fun. I've also booked us a night away as my gift to him (for next weekend tho) ... which I think we are in dire need of after all the stress of the last 2 weeks (Yes folks, still no word on Henna's autopsy results!!).

I'm still a completely paranoid crazy person without these results! Yesterday while I was cooking dinner (Prawn, snow-pea and wild rice salad with cranberry vinigrette - not too shabby, but the Nam Jim Chicken still wins my new-year-new-recipes best-of-the-week award) Coal climbed up and sat on the little fence I've got around the plants ... and I think he ate one of the succulent flowers. It took Varen about half an hour to calm me enough so that I could sleep, assuring me he wasn't going to die. Well, I guess we still don't know, but he logiced me into believing it was highly improbable. (He's thankfully still perfectly fine this morning) See, I'm a crazy person. But he's getting quite nimble, he's not quite the brave intrepid explorer Bell was, but he's still an explorer! He climbed up our brick wall like Spiderman the other day ... he was wedged between the wall and half the hutch, but still ... he was almost a meter off the ground and terrified (I think) when I plucked him off and gave him a cuddle. Ideally I'd like to get him a little friend this weekend for Varen's bday ... but obviously that's not happening without autopsy results. Sigh.

Update @ 09h46: Had a long chat with the Vet earlier. They finally got the results from Henna's autopsy last night. Looks like it was that damned
Encephalitozoonosis parasite. Although they didn't find any samples of the parasite left in her system, the organ damage in her kidney, liver and brain are consistent with what the parasite causes :( My poor girls! They say the damage would've been caused in a matter of days, not weeks. It's a bit like AIDS where you can have it for ages without developing symptoms. But usually what triggers an attack of the symptoms is stress or illness. We're assuming the wooden plank falling on Bell triggered it in her and the loss of her life-long pal Bell is what triggered it in Henna. Both very stressful situations. Sigh. It's so sad. But I'm helluva relieved that it wasn't a plant toxin (after last night!). The pathologists ruled that out completely and said there was no sign whatsoever of plant toxin in Henna's stomach or stomach lining. Shoo. So Coal will probably start another 5-day round of Panacur on Sunday or Monday. Hopefully this weekend we can find him a new little bunny-friend tho and start them both on the 5 Days of Panacur at the same time. Apparently one can not over do the Panacur, so bring it on :)


Tamara said...

Glad you've finally got the results! Happy Bday to Varen.

So when are you going to start giving cooking courses, Nigella?

boldly benny said...

What a relief to know what happened - still sorry for your loss!
Glad Coal is there to console you!

Happy happy to Varen, I hope you both have a wonderful weekend of celebrations.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got the results. Now your mind can rest. And I hope you find the perfect friend for Coal!


Unknown said...

very glad you finally got the results and that Coal is responding to the treatment.
Hope Varen has a wonderful birthday

phillygirl said...

@tamara - Paha. Honestly that is the most unlikely thing ever, I'm quite a panic-y cook ... and I'm always amazed when my meals actually turn out well, which is why they're getting so much write-up ;)

@benny - Thanks, it is a relief knowing ... sort of. At least now we'll be taking preventative care of Coal & Lily (our new baby!).

@jane- Thanks :) I think we did!

@tamara, benny & jenty - thanks for the Bday wishes for Varen, he had a great day :)

AngelConradie said...

oh i SO know where you're coming from when worrying about your furry babies...
i am so glad its not something toxic in your garden!

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