Monday, January 12, 2009

Sort-of Back To Normal

Well, this weekend was far less eventful than last weekend, thankfully! But unfortunately we're still waiting on Henna's autopsy results :( Finger's crossed we'll hear today.

On Friday I had Coal with me at work again and I was definitely the paranoid mom. Here's some excerpts of the instant messaging between Varen & I:

(08:56:11) Phillygirl: coaly sitting on my lap
(09:26:27) Varen: pick him up under his belly and see if he thrashes about
(09:26:54) Phillygirl: he does ... well he did less than half an hour ago
(09:27:05) Varen: then he's still okay
(09:27:39) Phillygirl: but he's not eating ... what if it's a poisonous thing he ate and now he's not eating cause he feels yuck and then the next thing is the rest ... :(
(09:38:51) Phillygirl: he just had a big stretch and made a funny sound :)
(09:39:01) Phillygirl: now is awake and grooming again
(09:39:10) Varen: you see ? just resting
(09:39:26) Phillygirl: just freaking me out!
(09:46:37) Phillipa: maybe i should try getting him some diff pellets ?
(09:46:52) Varen: i don't think that's the answer baby.
(09:46:58) Phillygirl: i dunno how long it's been since he's eaten these pellets
(09:47:36) Phillygirl: maybe i should pop out to woolies now then. but he ate carrot last night.
(09:47:49) Varen: go get some basil
(10:22:39) Phillygirl: i got some basil & mint & some new fancy ass bunny food
(10:23:39) Phillygirl: yep he's eating the basil at the moment
(10:32:24) Phillygirl: he's stopped eating the basil and is back to the grass
(10:32:55) Varen: you're watching him too closely babe.. give him some space.
(10:42:17) Phillygirl: now he's seems to be sleeping again. this sleeping things worries me ... but i guess it is almost midday.
(11:01:25) Phillygirl: eep, the maid is spraying mr min ... .do you think he'll be okay ?
(11:09:23) Phillipa: checked him again ... he's getting annoyed with it i think ;)
(11:09:47) Phillygirl: eating more basil tho :) yippee
(13:19:36) Phillygirl: he's AWAKE ! and eating basil again :)
(13:41:14) Phillygirl: sleeping again ...
(14:29:01) Phillipa: he's eating the new pellets :)
(15:23:57) Phillygirl: he's eating pellets again :)

See, I'm practically certifiable. Well, as I said once to Exmi in my comments section (so I'll say it again cause probably no one reads those anyway), I'm probably more neurotic over these little bunnies than I would be over a kid. Kids will cry and let you know when there's something wrong with them and eventually even be able to communicate with you and let you know more specifically what the problem actually is. Buns don't make a peep. And they're notorious for hiding their ailments and injuries (being prey animals). Which doesn't help when you're looking out for any possible indicator that they're okay or that all is not well. Sigh. Luckily Coal is still fine and seems quite happy really, bounding all over the place. He finished the last of his preventative Panacur yesterday morning. I doubt I'll be fully at ease till the weekend tho. But I haven't brought him to work again with me today ... baby steps :)

On Friday evening, Varen & I tried Tsunami for dinner - yes, an actualy restaurant we haven't been to before! We both had sushi and it was quite delish. I tried some quite different combinations (like pineapple and smoked salmon). I'd go back. After dinner, we went to watch Religulous, which had been recommended to me during lunch by JofH.

Borat director Larry Charles follows former stand-up comedian and "Politically Incorrect" talk-show host Bill Maher in this often funny, often disturbing documentary as he travels the continents interviewing various subjects about God and religion. Known for his astute analytical skills, irreverent wit and commitment to never pulling a punch, Maher brings his characteristic honesty to an unusual spiritual journey. Among those interviewed an ex-Jew for Jesus in the form of Steven Burg, and a Hispanic American preacher who considers himself to be the 2nd coming of Christ.

Hysterical! I'm surprised that Maher wasn't punched even once during the movie tho. I think it's great that someone's made an anti-religion movie. It warms the cockels of my heart :) Let's spread our message, paha. Anyhoo, what surprised me most wasn't the Creationist museum (heard about that one in Year of Living Biblically) but rather, a Holy Land theme park. Seriously folks?

On Saturday Varen & I stayed in our PJs till about 3pm. I made crumpets for breakfast and we watched the lovely drizzly weather from on our couch in between episodes of Series :) What a fabulous way to spend a Saturday!

In the evening J9-double0blonde & I went to see Nick & Norah.

The film introduces us to Nick (Michael Cera), a twenty-something fledgling bass guitarist for peripheral New York indie band 'The Jerk Offs' who has just been dumped by his hottie girlfriend Tris (Alexis Dziena). In an effort to regain her Nick compiles endless playlists of his favourite music on CD which he sends to her. Tris' friend Norah is a perennial good girl who always plays by the rules who has never met Nick in person, but feels he is a kindred spirit because of his music choices on the CDs she has retrieved from the rubbish bin into which Tris threw them. Fate brings these two unlikely characters together one night when Tris bumps into Norah at a Jerk Offs gig, and Norah, not wanting the popular Tris to think she is without a date yet again, ropes in the cute bass player from the band as her 'stand-in' boyfriend. Needless to say, it isn't too long before she finds out that Nick is Tris' ex whom she has just dumped. However, both Nick and Norah sense a connection to each other through the music they both love as well as well as through each other as individuals.

This was quite sweet, but not nearly as punchy as Juno (what it's being compared to I gather). What I couldn't get over in the movie is just how much driving they're willing to do in one night! I mean maybe it's cause I'm from Cape Town, but seriously folks, there is no way I'd spend that much time driving around in one evening. No way.

On Sunday morning we did a big shop for this week. This year I've decided to start prepared. I have a whole bunch of recipe books I've never really used. So I went thru them and marked which I'd like to try. Now we've at least stocked the fridge with the required ingredients for 3 of the recipes to try this week so there can be no excuses (usually it seems to much hassle to me to go home after work, find a recipe and then head to the shops). Later Varen went climbing with Vori and then we went to visit his folks for the rest of the afternoon.

A good weekend, marred only by the memory that a mere week before, chaos set in and destroyed our happy family. I could not believe it had only been a week. Finger's crossed that this year can only go up from here ...


Tamara said...

Phew! Was actually scared to check your blog in case anything had happened to Coal. So glad he's ok and that you guys had a fun weekend.

Anonymous said...

Glad Coal is still doing well :)

Enjoy the new recipes!!

phillygirl said...

@tamara - now you have a vague inkling of how I feel ever morning after I wake up and every afternoon when I get home from work. It's terrifying!

@harassedmom - me too :) thanks, I will ... and if anything is particularly fabulous, I'll definitely post it for y'all!

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