Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bunny Update

Okay so the blog has been a little devoid of photos for a while now ... I know. But As I said before I've sort-of gone off the internet lately. Well, perhaps not the internet, mostly I'm off spending excess time in front of my laptop at home ... which is where I download photos and what not.

So yesterday I took some especially :) First of all, here's my big boy, Coal, on the couch. He's not jumping up as often anymore, which is fine by me (even tho he's cute as pie!) because he starts to nip me when he wants to go down and he's too scared to jump down himself - silly boy!

And here's is my lovely LeeLoo (she has about a million nicknames!). Can you spot her favourite pose? Those first two pics were taken at the farm this weekend. Yes, in every single one she has a piece of grass she's busy munching on sprouting from her mouth :) So adorable!

I was doing some searching yesterday (for photos of siamese-coloured bunnies) and discovered that Lily has what's called Agouti colouring: rabbits with hair shafts that have at least three different rings of colours, and the rabbits also have lighter markings at the base of the neck, on the belly and inside of the legs, the underside of the tail, inside the nostrils, in circles around the eyes, and inside the ears. Yep, that's definitely her :) I have seen some of her hairs that have fallen out and they have 4 colour rings: it starts out quite light, probably that blue-grey colour, then has a black band, then an orange band and then another black band. Must upload a more recent photo of her coat cause it has changed so much since we got her, no that's it's fully grown in.

So, I'm sure you can tell from all the photo taking that last night was not very eventful. In fact if I didn't know better I might've thought it was a Monday night :) I skipped gym - in some sort of Freudian error, I accidentally left my gym gear at home when I left for work in the morning and only noticed it as I was loading shopping into my car boot at lunch. Now there's an interesting question for you: Boot versus Trunk. I don't get either to be honest. A Boot is a type of shoe and a Trunk should really be at the front (perhaps they were, I know the old beetle has them in the front? Is that where it comes from?). Who on earth picked these words? The closest thing to an explanation I can find is (from wikipedia):
In earlier usage, a boot was a built-in compartment on a horse-drawn coach, used originally as a seat for the coachman and later for storage.
That still doesn't explain very much :P

Anyhoo. Here's a photo of a very naughty Coal in my garden - he sneaks over the little fence regularly and has practically chewed my flowers (who are not surviving this weather very well at all!) to the ground. He knows he's not allowed in there and gets scooted out with a few squirts of water from my spray-bottle. And yesterday Little Miss managed to get herself over the fence too ... more than once. I can see I'm going to have to come up with a new plan :) Varen & I had dinner and watched Series. Nothing too exciting for dinner tho, have given the new-year-new-recipes challenge a rest for this week ... mostly due to the fact that we were at the farm for the weekend and I haven't had a moment to think about food or shopping properly. Hopefully from next week I'll get to start re-making some of our favourite dishes which means I'll have to remember to take photos and post the recipes. Finger's crossed!


Tamara said...

Your bunnies melt my heart. It's a big muddle of goo right now.

boldly benny said...

I'm with Tamara, they are such cuties!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!

phillygirl said...

@all - thanks guys, I think they are the cutest boons ever :)

AngelConradie said...

they are too precious, and "agouti" sounds so exotic!

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