Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On Fish And Things

Last night was pretty cool ... for a Monday. None of the usual stay-at-home Monday laziness here. I went to gym (again, the swim-school just makes my skin prickle with annoyance!) and then Varen & I went for dinner with DJMike at CTFM in Cresta. Now generally, although I don't really like CTFM, I've started going on a more regular basis ... since my previous favourite sushi venue became a disappointment. I quite like CTFM's sushi, but their output is pretty slow and the few and far between plates that I crave are hard to come by. So I stuck with sushi as a starter and had prawn & calamari as my main. Varen & DJMike had Dorado. I don't think anyone was blown away by their meal. I've made better Calamari at home from Woolies (that stuff is delish!). It was so decidedly average :( And we were really craving seafood. I knew we should've gone to Ocean Basket for their Platter for 2, I just freaking love that (sadly Varen is not as enthusiastic as I am). I think it's all the sauce.

Other than F!sh (which was more fancy than we were in the mood for last night), where are the good seafood restaurants in Joburg??

Anyhoo, in other news, I have heard that the litter we were waiting for (and hoping to find Coal & Lily a little sister in) has been born and are just opening their eyes. Am now trying to figure out if it's worth going to see them this weekend ... because there won't be much to see when they're so little and still tucked away in their nest. But on the flip side, if we don't go this weekend, I'll have to wait till 14/15 March (cause I'm away in Cape Town next weekend, yippee). Seems like an awfully long wait :( Man, I hope there are some nice siamese-coloured babies in the litter, that's what I'm hoping for :) Varen thinks I'm just broody :P


The Chantal said...

The Codfather is alright.

Mr Jones said...

Which weekend are you in Cape Town.. I arrive Jo'burg 7th morning - cape 9th morning..

Tamara said...

Did you ever try Best of Asia at Pineslopes? They're not fancy at all (we usually get sushi take-out), but their sushi is great and the selection is impressive.

Baby bunnies! So exciting ;-)

phillygirl said...

@chantal - haven't tried that ... ever? Perhaps once before, but I forget. Will give it a try sometime.

@mrjones - eep, I'm completely sorry but I will not get to see you on your brief stop-over in Joburg :( How annoying!

@tamara - Nope not yet ... to be honest Pineslopes is a little far for a quick during-the-week dinner (why does 4ways area seem so much further than Rosebank? It's probably much the same ... I guess it's the idea that 4ways just has so much more traffic!). Will endeavour to go on a weekend sometime :)

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