Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dear Virgin Active

So I went swimming yesterday after work ... as I do. I've been going to the new Brightwater Virgin Active these days because they have a nice cosy 5-lane pool, which few people seem to know about. And generally if you're there before 16h30 you can get a lane to yourself. Until yesterday that is. They have gone and screwed it all up by handing over 2 (of 5!) lanes to a freaking swim school. Now because of the bliss of having a lane to myself, I could get past their dreadful "blue lighting" in the changing rooms (that gives me a headache!) and their shower area smelling of mold (already, the place has just been built!). But now, they're fast loosing their charm. What kind of freaking stupid idea is this anyway. Why can't these 7 to 15 year old "darlings" learn to swim at school?! They can't all be home-schooled. Why must they come and invade my space, my paid-for-monthly space. Aaaargh. That completely ruined my day. Sigh, and I doubt it'll be improving today :P Anybody got a heated gym pool with no swim school they can recommend?

But the evening did improve. Last night's new-year-new-recipes dinner was Chicken Tikka and was delish :) I love how easy these all are to make. And I promise, as soon as I've tried everything once and move onto repeat performances, I'll be putting the recipes up here with photos.


Anonymous said...

That's so dissapointing. I mean I know that it's a good thing they're doing but can't the organize it for earlier in the day when everyone else is at work?

Tamara said...

I think that's the case at most gyms. there's always a swim school at Lonehill and at Broadacres VA.

boldly benny said...

Delish and easy recipes... I want them, I want them now!

Unknown said...

Oh gawd no! Imagine, a bunch of kids in the pool making all sorts of noises while you're trying to build up a sweat (do you sweat when you swim? hmmm...) I'd so rant.

phillygirl said...

@jane - I know, exactly!

@tamara - sheesh, did all the schools fill in their pools to make rugby fields or something? In my day (cough cough) we had swimming lessons at school ;)

@benny - coming soon to a gladtobeagirl blog post near you!

@gino - it's not their noise that bothers me ... it's the forcing me to end up sharing a lane that bothers me. I want my own lane dammit. Erm, I dunno if I sweat when I swim. I assume it just washes right off ;)

In much the same way that Varen seems to have one of those invisible "Beg from Me" signs, I have a "Swim with Me" or a "Share my Lane" sign. Honestly :P

Anonymous said...

You know, that seriously ticks me off. They aren't giving you a cheaper rate because they are selling the extra lanes to the swim club. NO..you just have to adjust.

Ticks me off

phillygirl said...

@supermom - OMG. I didn't even think of that! Haha.

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