Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Please Can I Say No!

Sigh. I think swimming is ruined for me. I don't mind sharing a lane ... If. I . Have. To. But honestly, it is not my preferred way to swim. And I seem to have one of those invisible signs (Varen has one that says "Beg from Me"), I'm guessing mine says something like "Swim with Me" or "Share my Lane". Sigh. I can just have climbed into the pool and done a single lap ... there can be 2 other lanes with people more likely to finish up first. But still. Every. Single. Time. Someone will walk up to my lane and say "Do you mind if I share?". Really, why are you even asking. Can I say no? Please, can I?

Anyhoo. Last night was pretty uneventful. Except that the Grilled Prawns with Paw-Paw Salsa (was supposed to be scallops, but what can you do?) that I made yesterday for dinner was delish :) I think it'd be fab as a starter, in Cape Town, with the sunset. So lovely and fresh. I was amazed at how nicely the flavours went together!

Ps. It's a month since Bell died. I feel weird.


BioniKat said...

So sad poor bunnies and poor you. Did you ever find out what they succumbed to?

Tamara said...

Hehehe... My sign says "make a joke about my height - I probably haven't heard it before".

Sorry about poor Bell. But very glad that you're loving Lilly and Coal so much - amazing how much capacity our hearts have to love new people / pets.

boldly benny said...

Sorry for your sad anniversary!

I hate it when people ask you if you mind about something that you can't really say no to! ARG, it irritates me!

Anonymous said...

This is why I dont swim at gym - I HATE to be crowded!!!

Your recipe challenge is going really well it seems!

phillygirl said...

@momcat - Yep, got the autopsy results back the day before we got Lily.

@tamara - haha, about your sign! Yeah, you are so right about our heart's capacity for love :)

@benny - I know, it really annoys me too!

@harassedmom - I hate the crowding too, but I so prefer swimming to normal gym, I push past it.

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