Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sometimes Work Sucks

Sigh. Yesterday was such a Monday work-wise. It's odd to me how I can love my job and not dread going into work at all ... yet I still hate aspects of it while I'm there. Good disassociation, me thinks :) I am currently working on the project from hell. It'll be great once it's done, I do believe that. But unfortunately, at the moment, it is all about shifting goal-posts and fighting with the client about what's in scope and what's gonna cost him extra (lucky those are not my fights!). Oh, and did I mention just how incapable of conveying a concrete concept this client is. Sigh. It's funny how people can end up so wrapped up in their own industry that they can't for a minute comprehend that someone else doesn't understand the lingo.

Anyhoo, dinner last night was good: Salmon & Potato bake. And this morning I've been looking at photo's of the mom of my next possible bunny (yet to be born, but the litter is due any day now). Have you seem siamese-coloured bunnies ... they look stunning! Finger's crossed folks :) If we do get one from this litter tho, it'll probably only be available end of March ... that's miles away!

Oh, oh, oh and I almost forgot ... I have just updated the bloggirls wiki with the February end-of-the-month event. AND this month we're adding something new (born out of the comments on this post), a mid-month Friday-night dinner. Check it out and sign up if you're keen to join us :)


Tamara said...

I agree. Sometimes work sucks.

I've just signed up for my housewarming ;-)

Another bunny? So exciting!

Louisa said...

I've signed up for both events. :-)

Can't wait to see your new bunny!

phillygirl said...

@tamara - yay, good that you'll be there then! Ha Ha. Yes ... but a long wait, time to enjoy Coal & Lily more.

@louisa - goodie, sadly I had to cancel myself for the first mid-month dinner :( Bugger. Oh, and I can't wait to see her either!

AngelConradie said...

i'm looking forward to friday night!

phillygirl said...

@angel - damn, I really wish I could make it ... but next month :)

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