Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good Catch-up

I *can not* believe it is still raining in Joburg. Seriously. I know, blah blah, summer rains, whatever. But seriously, aren't you still supposed to see the sun, at least for a little? And then it ends up raining in the afternoon just to break the heat. I'm sure that's how this is supposed to be working. Instead we have London's grey skies from morning till night with torrents of rain and the odd lightning bolt thrown in during the day. Seriously, people.

Anyhoo, last night was cool :) My dear friend Interviewing for a Husband is up in Joburg for a conference so we went out for a good old catch-up dinner at Cranks. I haven't been in ages and I think she enjoyed the zaniness of it, although she would probably prefer a more high-class spot ;) She does love Thai food which is how we ended up there. It was so nice to catch up! One of the things we were discussing is how few good friends we both have these days, both of us loosing friends in break-ups and finding that starting afresh to meet people at around 30 is not very easy and how little effort most people make. We laughed at how easy it was for us. We met randomly thru the group of guys I met Bean thru and now she & I are the only ones either of us are still in contact from then. Funny how life works out. And where are all the women looking to a) put some effort in and b) make some new friends? The closest I've come to really finding those sort of people in Joburg (since Bean & I broke up) has honestly been bloggirls. Anyhoo, it was a great evening ... and now I wish it'd stop raining.

Oh, and how freaking typical is this? Today I'm feeling great, the best I've felt in a while ... because today I have the doctor's appointment I scheduled on Tuesday when I was feeling like crap.


boldly benny said...

JEEEEEEEEZZZZ I'm over this rain! Sounds like you had a lovely evening - I love Cranks!

I have also found that my circle of friends has shrunk substantially, particularly over the past five years!

Unknown said...

My rain gauge showed that we had 70mm yesterday!
I love Cranks, haven't been there in ages!

Tamara said...

I love a good catch-up sessions - one of life's greatest pleasures. I must go try Cranks.

Btw, you are like my Joburg guru - we've got a dude out from the UK who hasn't seen any of the sights. What should we be showing him?

The Jackson Files said...

Did she finally break up with that man for good?

I was thinking just the other day that I wanted to go to Cranks again. Maybe we should branch out one evening and have a bloggirls Friday night dinner!!!!

boldly benny said...

Oooo I like JF's idea!

Laura said...

I like the friday night bloggirls idea!!! But I have no idea what or where cranks is!

I am loving the rain :)

phillygirl said...

@benny - is weird how that happens, I think it's as people are hitting different stages in their lives at different times (I'm not married and am not trying to get pregnant or have kids yet ... so I'm out of those circles). Sigh, people can be fickle.

@jenty - 70mm, wow!

@tamara - shoo, erm ... I'm good with the Joburg restaurants, I have no idea about the touristy stuff tho, really.

@tjf - oh yes, well he broke up with her by canceling their wedding :P But she's not going back! Ooh, I like the Friday dinner idea. Will plan something, and I think the first one will have to be at Cranks ;)

@benny - goodie, hopefully we'll finally get to meet you irl :)

@laura - it's in Rosebank (The Mall/Zone area), hopefully you'll get to try it out soon ;)

Anonymous said...

Every night when I look at the weather,I just cannot believe that you guys are getting rain. AGAIN.

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