Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Weekend

Morning. I'm in an oddly off-line mood lately. Have been since Friday. Barely went onto the internet at all this weekend ... except on Sunday afternoon I started to worry about the number of items in my Reader and thought I better get some read before Monday. I also downloaded some adorable photo's of Lily (will have to add them to the post later as I was certainly not feeling industrious enough to re-size them yesterday). Have not been taking many photo's lately either ... instead I've preferred actually just spending time with them, the cuteys!

Update 16h32: And here are the photo's of my cute little girl! She climbs into and sits in the little bowl made by the "extras" from my Mexican Chimenea (the chimney addition and the base plate for inside the fireplace). She climbed into there a couple of separate times on Sunday afternoon and would happily stay in there grooming herself for half an hour at time. Adorable!

So the weekend ... Friday night was lazy, as usual. Just hung out at home. In fact the whole weekend was pretty lazy! I hid Varen's Valentine's pressie under his pillow before bed (thinking he wouldn't find it till I told him to look there the next morning). But he did. We decided not to do the cards thing, we weren't even really going to do the gifts thing, rather just go for a nice dinner out together (get's pretty pricey, like everything else, on Valentines day!) but, I was in Edgars browsing for myself when I saw a shirt that screamed him. So I figured, I'd get it for him ... not exactly for Valentines, but it's a good enough excuse ;)

On Saturday morning we took Coal to the vet to have his stitches taken out ... although we were pretty sure there weren't any left. We were right. Sadly I forgot to have him checked to see if he's ready to be snipped yet :( He's 3 months now so should be ready. Am dreading a) having to take him back to do that this week and b) taking him in for the snipping. The poor boy was so miserable and freaked out by just being in the vet's rooms (guess it was probably all those dogs in the waiting room too) so, I took him outside and sat with him while we waited for our turn. He was much happier like that. Plus, it's only 2 weeks since he last had stitches, it seems a little cruel to take him back for more :( Poor baby.

Erm, I can't really remember what else we did on Saturday, I think we just spent the afternoon at home, enjoying our new stash of series. And in the evening we went for dinner. Varen had booked a table at one of our favourite restaurants (as a surprise although I did end up guessing it beforehand ... he's not that sneaky when giving clues!), which we haven't been to in ages, Soulsa. It was lovely being there again, I love the vibe of the place. But I was a little disappointed by their more-limited-than-usual set menu. The starters & desserts were fine, and I enjoyed the cucumber & mint soup in between starters and mains. But for mains they only offered a) a vegetarian dish, this used mushroom prominently and as such was last on my list of possibilities b) sirloin with peppercorn sauce, which Varen seemed to really enjoy, but meat is not right up there on my list of favourite meals and c) kingklip parmigiano, which is what I ended up having. I'm not a huge fish fan, but kingklip probably has the least appealing taste of them all, I find it terribly bland. Now if they'd had salmon ;) The potato thing they did with it was very nice tho :) And explain something else to me ... who on earth invented the fish knife? Now while it may be handy when delicately separating fillets of fish, it is completely useless when trying to attack anything else on your plate. Anyhoo, the evening was spent discussing our future plans, sipping cocktails and a good bottle of red wine. Despite the not-earth-shattering food, the evening was good :)

On Sunday Varen went climbing and I hit the pool (yay, no swim school!). After that we did our marathon week's shop (I have some good dinner's planned this week!) and then BrotherZion came over for a braai.

Was a good relaxing weekend, and I really did not want to get up & come to work this morning! Sigh.


Tamara said...

I echo your last line.

Still need to get to Soulsa! I went once to meet an interview subject there and they were closed!

AngelConradie said...

LOVE the bunny fotos! she is soooo cute!

phillygirl said...

@tamara - aw, that's sad ... will have to plan a mid-month Friday night bloggirl dinner there one month then ;)

@angel - isn't she just darling?

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