Thursday, March 05, 2009

Boredom Personified

Morning. Nothing much happened yesterday. I skipped gym and went home and got some chores done - a fair trade, I feel. Made what turned out to be a very nice Chicken & Cous Cous salad for dinner. Which was surprising because usually I am the anti-fan of cous cous. I other news, Varen was up late last night prepping for an interview today. Please all hold fingers for him :)

So yeah, very boring :( But in my defence I'm enjoying some downtime before my trip to Cape Town this weekend! Yippee.

Ps. Have some new favourite series: Lie to Me (a little like The Mentalist, but better in my opinion) and Jekyll.


Tamara said...

Have you tried substituting quinoa in place of cous cous? Much nicer, plus it's a full protein.

Very jealous of your CT weekend. I hope every moment is fabulous.

boldly benny said...

So jealous you're off to CT! I wish I could be there to hear the bergies cheer the cyclists on... I particularly love when they scream "Feel the strength!"

AngelConradie said...

its nice to be a little bored sometimes.

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