Friday, March 06, 2009

Here I Come, Heat Wave

A little later I'll be off to Cape Town on the spur of the moment weekend I booked a few week back :) Can't wait. But admittedly did not get too much sleep last night. Went to J9's place for bookclub last night. Good fun :) Was almost 11pm before we all realised it. She made yummy Chicken & Bacon (and mushroom, but not for moi!) Pot Pies for dinner :) Anyhoo, after 2 glasses of wine and a late night, I woke up a little panic-y at around 5am - ridiculous or what?! I think I managed to pack everything I need for my weekend in my bleary state this morning. But I will say I'm pretty screwed if their heat-wave decides to end. On the drive into work with Varen, the rising sun did remind me that I left my sun-glasses in my car. Sob :( A weekend in Cape Town with no sun-glasses during a heat-wave. Aren't I a bright spark :P

Things I'm looking forward to this weekend:
[ ] seeing the fandamily
[ ] seeing Jam for coffee (yet to be organised but finger's crossed)
[ ] seeing the BunnyFarmer for the first time since high school (thanks to facebook we're back in touch!). And seeing her 17 kagillion baby bunnies (honestly, that number s not as far off as you'd like to believe, her 3 girl-bunnies have had 7 litters since 19 December! And she only has one boy-bunny ... who has since been neutered) - can't wait :)

Sad things I'll be missing out on:
- Daddio happens to be off to Namibia for work this weekend so won't see him at all - bad planning, but I guess that's how it goes when you book a spur of the moment weekend
- Bandi & Riebeck West. Just not enough time to head all the way out there on a mere weekend visit, plus it's super duper hot out there are the moment. Can barely remember when last I was there. Sad :(


Tamara said...

Enjoy your weekend! (And if the heat wave ends, you'll have a good excuse to do some Cape Town shopping!)

Let us know as soon as you find out about Varen's interview.

Your word verification must be male. And cricket-obssessed (like my husband, actually). "inning"

Arkwife said...

I'm so jealous!! I hope you have a blast :-)

po said...

Hmm, I am so jealous you are going to a heatwave, it sounds good, but don't go blind without your sunglasses!

phillygirl said...

@tamara - thanks :) Oh yes! He got a call-back yesterday afternoon already, can you believe it? So 2nd interview next week hopefully! /* finger's crossed */

@arkwife - erm, you're pregnant, I would've thought you'd be thrilled at not being in a heat wave right now ;)

@po - yep, here's hoping there'll be no sun-blindness!!

Louisa said...

Hope you have a great weekend! I'm soooo jealous...

Unknown said...

Enjoy your weekend.

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