Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Bunny Debate

Last night was nice. Went to gym. Got to spend some time with the bunny-girls after my weekend away. But boy were they both in weird moods! Hard to explain, but they were. Am beginning to think Coal is not so big after seeing The Bunny Farmer's bunnies in Cape Town this weekend. Or maybe we all got lied to about dwarf versus normal rabbits?! Am sure Lily must be (although she's gotten so big, to me, now) because she was so tiny when we got her.

On the right is a picture of 2 of the babies from the litter we're thinking of getting our third bunny from. You can sort of see a bit of the siamese-coloured mom in the top left corner. The babies don't look at all what I would've expected from a siamese-coloured mom & a dad with colouring like Bell (white with blue eyes). I wonder if these babies will grown into their siamese-colouring? They're so cute & tiny, it also makes me wonder if our two are true dwarfs or not. If we do get one, I hope it will have colouring like the mom, she looks lovely :) But I am also starting to debate whether we should get a third now or not, although is hard to resist when you see them so tiny & cute! I dunno, I think I am just questioning everything at the moment I guess.

Probably because I was awake from 4am this morning :( My sinus is so annoying. Usually it's worse than ever when I'm in Cape Town (staying in a spare room, plus the dogs). But this weekend it was blissful. However now that I'm back in Joburg it's back :P I don't have sinusitis, which I gather means that mucus (if this stuff grosses you out stop reading now!) get's stuck in your different sinus cavities and that blockage causes the pressure which causes sinus headaches & pain etc. I don't have that at all. In fact I think I have the complete opposite of sinusitis (whatever that might be??) ... I seem to (mostly just during the night tho) have it not blocking at all and instead just running down the back of my throat. I can blow my nose all I like, but it doesn't really help :( Have tried some meds, but I HATE nasal sprays. Read an article about sinusitis online and am thinking of trying the Nasal Irrigation thing ... but it does freak me out a little! Sigh. Now that I'm awake and up & about I can breathe pretty normally ... so I tend to forget the problem.

Other than that, I made Mustard & Rosemary Chicken Fillets last night for dinner. Was quite yummy ... although I wasn't such a big fan of the Baby Potato & Spinach "salad" that went with it.


boldly benny said...

Those bunnies are just toooo cute! I just want to kiss and cuddle them but from what I can make out they are not to fond of that! I'm such an Almeira!

Tamara said...

I would not be able to resist a third - so cute! They don't look how I pictured Siamese. Do they grow into the colours?

You sound like you have a post-nasal drip. unfortunately, the best thing is a nose spray. They do suck, I know. There's various causes, one of which is cold temperatures. So tell Varen to turn the fan off at night and see if that helps ;-)

The Jackson Files said...

Awwww, those bunnies are too adorable.

Hmmm...nasal irrigation, I'd do it if I were you. This is total TMI, but I still suck the snot out of Jackson's nose with this pipe and funnel thingy - it's pretty gross.

I bet you're glad that you know that about me!

phillygirl said...

@benny - Oh I still subject Coal & Lily to plenty of cuddles ... they tolerate them after a while :)

@tamara - I think they do grow into their colours, but I wasn't expecting them to be so dark cause the ones I've seen online start out quite light.

@tjf - they are cute, hey? Hard to resist, let me tell you!

And oh yes, that is definitely TMI! Haha. It sounds gross, but if it works ... On the other hand, who'll be doing it for him at 17 ;) Hee hee.

Sinus Update
So here's the more annoying thing, it's inconsistent. I managed to get Varen to switch of the fan last night (a battle of wills, I assure you!) and I woke up breathing fine and not feeling too blocked up. Except that I constantly had to clear my throat. So I don't know. A friend of mine has suggested trying a humidifier ... mebbe? The prob is I think it's allergy related, so not sure that moistening the air will help much. Sigh ... :(

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