Monday, March 09, 2009

Booty Nomad by Scott Mebus

In this would-be Bridget Jones for guys, an everyman is mired in a job he doesn't like (producer for a puppet show); he can't even get anywhere in his fantasy baseball league; and he can't begin to convince his crazy ex-girlfriend to stop calling him. But then he meets "The Goddess," a beautiful, witty, and elusive woman who sets his heart afire, and it looks like things might turn around--if he could only remember her name. Naturally, his adoration of the Goddess doesn't prevent him from fooling around with a coworker or fantasizing about "Bendy Girl," who has been brought on to teach yoga to puppets. The comedic star of the book is the sidekick, Jim, who chases after Goth girls on the Internet (a habit that has hilarious consequences) and tries desperately to get fired from his job so he can collect unemployment.

Meh. It's kinda fun and a completely inconsequential read. Ideal plane-or-holiday-fodder!

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Louisa said...

Ha! I think I've actually read this one too. Didn't make much of an impression on me either.

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