Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bunny Videos

Okay, so yesterday I finally decided that 6Mbs was the best it was gonna get ... it's such poor quality already :( So I went ahead and uploaded the video to You Tube. Then you guys got lucky because I was lazing outside (this was after I'd been munching on a chocolate Easter bunny while my two ran around the garden ... oh the guilt! Haha) and decided to take another video of them eating spinach. They're such cuties :)

Ps. I don't know what is up with the weird "barking" that YouTube is doing in between video-cuts, but it certainly doesn't do that when I play it on Windows Media Player from my hard drive. No idea! Also note: I've included the links to the actual You Tube video pages just in case because when I published this post it wouldn't let me watch them as it said the video was no longer available. Which is rubbish. My You Tube page definitely says they're "Live!". Very strange :(

So, here's Video Number One. Coal & Lily: Racing Around. This is how a typical afternoon goes for us. As you can see, I can't sit down for a moment without Coal coming to inspect me (and the camera, everytime!) and climb up onto my lap - cute thing! Lily takes a litle longer but will also happily climb up to say a far briefer hello. They munch on grass, they race around like mad things and, my favourite, they bounce like crazy things. Honestly sometimes it looks like their brain is short circuiting because they look equally taken by surprise by their antics! In this video look out for Lily's crazy vertical hop :)

And Video Number Two. Coal & Lily: Eating Spinach. So as I said I was sitting outside feeding them some spinach when I thought I should be video-ing it for y'all :) Aren't they so cute? In this one you can see Coal's magic colour-changing fur ... I did mention she's gone from coal-black to coal-black with giant patches of chocolate brown :) You can also see (when she stretches out) how the fur is growing back on her hind leg after her stitches from the labrador incident. Unfortunately because of the video compression I had to do to make it watchable, you can't really see quite how striking Lily's eye's are until right at the end (right after she comes to inspect the camera). Munch munch munch munch :)

Another ps. Late yesterday afternoon, Varen got the offer and signed on the dotted line :) It's the minimum offer he was willing to take, but what with the perks of being a permanent employee versus a contractor (27 days leave, the bastard! Sick leave, study leave, paid-for medical aid etc.) it definitely seems to work out well :) Yay for Varen! Wo0t.


AngelConradie said...

HUGE congratulations Varen- that is SO awesome!!!
Phillygirl, I giggled myself silly at your bunnies- they really do look quiter startled when they pop around like that!!

Tamara said...

LOVE the bunny clips! Your girls are too gorgeous.

And congrats to Varen on getting the job. Great news ;-)

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