Friday, March 13, 2009

Not According To Plan

Harumph. Last night did most definitely not turn out how I expected. I gymmed and went home to wait for Varen. We were planning to swing by his folks to pick something up, grab some dinner and then head down to the Civic for a nice night of comedy.

Har har har. So yesterday the warning bells start going off "I have to work this weekend". Okay fine tomorrow night we have no plans. The whole of saturday day is free, but we're booked for a party in the evening and then Sunday is a bit of a mess socially. So Varen comes home in time to collect me, warning me upfront he'll probably be heading back to work after the show. We start driving thru to his folks and his phone starts ringing. There are issues. Of course there are. But by now it's too late for us to turn back and me to get my car. And for some reason he's doing the "I don't want you driving in Braamfontein alone thing". So we continue on to his folks. And I start calling people. I'd hate to waste the ticket and am more than super annoyed that Varen will be missing the show. I don't think he's seen Pieter-Dirk Uys live before.

Luckily J9 was up for it ... as long as we collect her. But she doesnt' live too far from Varen's folks so that's a plus. We breeze past Varen's folks, collect J9 and head on to the Civic where Varen drops us off and heads back to work. He'll be back at 10:30pm to collect us again. There are bad moods all round :P

The show, Elections & Erections, was great fun. Pieter-Dirk Uys is getting old ... but somehow Evita isn't :) And I wasn't that impressed with his "Hilary Clinton". But I was quite amazed to see Patricia de Lille walk out onto the stage for avery amusing "interview" with Evita. I especially enjoyed her "new bar" analogy!

And then the show was over and Varen arrived to collect us. We got home around 11pm. I had one of those nights where I'm not really sure if I slept. Which was surprising since I was yawning my head off by the time we got home. Sigh. I don't know what time Varen eventually came to bed either.

On another note, I got home to find the roof lid of the hutch open and both Boons sitting up top. Earlier this week I got home to find the lid open as well and Lily sitting outside the hutch. This does not warm my heart. Thank goodness there were no cats around or who knows what might've happened :( I'm not sure if Varen is being forgetful and leaving the lid open after feeding them in the mornings (he swears he hasn't!) or if they've figured out a way to push it open themselves. Eep. I also made the video of them, but so far I've only managed to get it down to 6Mbs. So still a bit large for online viewing me thinks. I'll keep working on it :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry your night didn't go as planned. :(

I'm so tired as well. Also went to bed late and feel like death warmed over this morning.

boldly benny said...

I'd be WILD if MM had to cancel on the last minute. With time I'd accept it but initially I'd be WILD!

I've been exhausted lately - maybe change in season, maybe stress!

Tamara said...

That would put me in a pissy mood for sure. Glad the show was good, though. Hopefully the new job comes through with a good salary!

Hope you guys managed to squeeze in some time together this weekend to chill.

AngelConradie said...

I'm so sorry your evening wasn't as planned...
Can the boons learn to open the hatch themselves? Can you weigh it down maybe?

phillygirl said...

@jane - not enough sleep certainly sucks!

@benny - oh I'm glad I'm not the only one!

@tamara - thanks :)

@angel - to be honest we watched them all weekend and it was only when we left the hutch lid open that they jumped out ... me thinks Varen was still half asleep!

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