Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Choosing an Award Reward

Wow, yesterday was quite an awesome day :) Am still amazed by the award. But am thrilled with the support it has brought ... since mostly what I was expecting was a bit of a backlash about how can I be the Best African Blog blah blah. But I'm grateful not to have read any of those posts yet. The back of my mind (the part that is trying to kill me) is still waiting for them tho, the other shoe, so to speak. But for now, it seems that South African's can't help but be happy for a fellow South African :) I got a wonderful mention on SA Rocks and a featured headline article on BizCommunity.

Updated 09h02:
And I just found there is also a mention on News24 :) A friend of mine msged me to congratulate me after she'd read about it there! Unbelievable :) (click front page images below for bigger images)

Now how to celebrate. Since I missed the awards ceremony (being in Texas and all), and there is no award other than the prestige and status (and kajillion million new first-time visitors), I figure I need to treat myself somehow. I mean say what you like, it's still a pretty momentous thing and I feel I need to do something to acknowledge it for myself. So, do I go ahead and get that personalised number plate I was thinking of a while back (I was sure I'd mentioned this before on the blog but can't for the life of me find the post to link to!)? Anyhoo, I've been pondering the number plate for a while: GLD2BGR L(impopo). But it's a 2 & half grand expenditure ... for something I don't really need. I mean it'd be cool and all, but do you see my issue? And having just had a brief browse online, is still refering to Limpopo as Northern Province (and they're R2500, which is where I got the price from before) but the government website says it's only R1500 for a Limpopo Personalised Plate. I dunno.

Option 2 is something I was going to buy myself anyway ... Dad bought me one originally (back in Cape Town), which I never got and the folks have now adopted as theirs because it's too friggin heavy to bring here on a plane! So Daddio did some investigating when I hinted that since we're all driving to JBay for Easter Weekend, he could bring me one and we could get it home like that. But he has rather found me a spot in Joburg that sells the same item. It's a bunny rabbit sculpture from Plasir du Jardin ... pity they don't have an actual picture on their site, but it's in the rusted metal style of the stuff in their 2nd Accessories photo. I love it.

Other than that I can't really think of anything ... if you have any suggestions on how to comemorate this with a gift to myself, I'm all ears ;) Varen & I still have to celebrate his job and now my award. I'm hoping we'll get to do a little of that this evening with a movie & dinner out somewhere. But since he worked late last night, I don't really know if that's happening or not yet. Sigh. Annoying to be in plan-limbo! So yes, he worked late, got home around the time I was switching off my light, so I guess it could've been worse. I had a lazy evening at home with the boons (I wonder now if Lily is a dwarf? I look at her ears and baby photos of Bell & Hen and I just don't know), eating left over Macaroni Cheese, watching Criminal Minds and a long lazy hot bath with some Body Thrills & my book :)

Oh yes, and today is the last day to nominate blogs for the SA Blog Awards ... so get nominating :) My recommendations are up top and you need to nominate at least 3 blogs (can be the same blog in 3 categories) for a valid nomination.


boldly benny said...

Celebrate by shopping! If I had R2500 to drop I would DEFINITELY buy myself a leather bag and a pair of shoes. Or a beautiful pair of boots... I have already chosen them in my head... in fact if you want to celebrate by buying me a pair of shoes and bag that would be totally cool.

KEEEEEDING, but if I was you I would totally go shopping or I would go for a pamper session.
Why not book full body hot stone massages for you and Varen at Skin in Rivonia - it's HEAVENLY!

Or buy yourself jewelery - look at skermunkil or lady peculiar!

Iron Leyden said...

Hi PhillyGirl. Congratulations on your award and gaining a new fan! After reading a few of your posts, it becomes clear why you came out on top. Your honest and unpretentious style of writing is bound to appeal to many.

Anyway, would just like to advise you on the 'reward' for your award. In my humble opinion, spending R 2 500 or even R 1 500 on a lame numberplate - especially considering the economic state our country, let alone the world, is in - would be a disgustingly autonomous expense (this is besides the fact that they are egocentric and idiotic).

Please do not buy a personalised numberplate! Annihilate the idea that they are cool! I feel it is my duty to convey to others how stupid they really are...

Other than that, keep up the good work!


Marenet Jordaan said...

PhillyGirl, Congrats on your award and all the best for the next round. I would very much like to speak to you about all this fame and fortune for my newspaper (a weekly Sunday publication). Will you please let me know at how to get in touch with you to chat? Kind regards!

Tamara said...

Hehehehe... Your word verification is bonym. No lies! Now I'm going to have daft Christmas carols stuck in my head all afternoon.

As for your treat, if it were me, I wouldn't go for the personalised number plate. Someone pointed out to me the other day that it can make your car recognisable, and even a target. just a thought.

I loved Benny's list. Why not spend the R2 5000 from the numberplate on a weekend away for the two of you?

Whatever you choose, enjoy!!!

Unknown said...

I agree, personalised plates = waste of money.

You should either do the shopping or getaway thing, or even get something cool for your PC or laptop.

I love the idea of the rabbit statue though, or something else for your garden.

And well done on your win, you must be so stoked!!

Craig Lotter said...

Have to agree with the others, having a personalised plate just makes a person seem like a doofus!

Congrats on your award by the way - soak in that glory! :)

Anonymous said...

WELL DONE Philly. So awesome to see one the girl bloggers doing it internationally. And shopping. Definitely shopping!

phillygirl said...

@benny - well I don't really *have* R2500 to spend on just anything. But the number plate thing I've been pondering for a while. Have just never done it because it seems an exorbitant amount for something so useless ... now if it were an item of furniture ;)

Mostly I want to buy something I can keep as a momento of the occasion rather than clothing or a day at the spa, but thanks for the suggestions! May have to look at the jewelery idea tho, that could be a good way to go :)

@larry - glad to hear you like the blog :) A new reader is always appreciated! Haha, you certainly feel strongly about personalised number plates. But I also think it's a waste of good hard-earned cash ... maybe I can convince someone to donate it to me ;)

@marej - check your email ;)

@tamara - I swear you get all the weirdest words! That's hysterical :) Hmm, interesting concept about being a target, it really hadn't crossed my mind at all! And I wish it was R2 5000 to spend - haha, then I'd go on holiday :)

@roxanne - yes, completely stoked :) And I'm glad you like the bunny statue idea ... I wish they'd had a photo I could post! Then I'm sure more people would agree :)

@craig - thanks :)

@lldv - thanks :) I think it'll definitely involve some form of shopping ... but probably not for clothes ;)

Susie of Arabia said...

Congratulations on your win, PhillyGirl! Your blog is super. Best Wishes from Saudi Arabia!

Joi Ito said...

Found you via Global Voices post about the award. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Go get yourself the numberplates! I mean you will have the name of your blog (that won!!!) on your car. Will be cool :)

Wendren said...

I found Benjamin Button so LOOONNGGGG .... it is definitely a movie I advise you take out from the video/DVD store so that you can at least spend the three hours on a comfortable sofa.

WELL DONE on the Africa Blog Awards! That's awesome! I think you should spend your 'prize' on a dinner out. :) Buy a good bottle of wine and enjoy an evening out and alone with Varen (no unisa work allowed). :)

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