Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bits and Bobs

Okay so it's been an amazing few days :) After yesterday's "media hype" (haha!) it just continues ... I was asked to be the first guest Top 10 reader on The Digital Edge for Monday's new episode and I was interviewed by a newspaper!

Other good things that have happened: my unique site hits went over 1000 yesterday :) Today I expect it'll start going back to normal tho. And, the local pet shop *finally* had stock of Coal & Lily's favourite bunny food. I know, I can't believe I buy them anything but the standard pellets either, but it started after Bell & Henna died and I was completely paranoid about Coaly. And they just seem to absolutely *love* this expensive (R40 for 500g!) food. I buy a variety and mix it in with their normal pellets ... but that's definitely what they root out and eat first from their bowl! So yesterday I bought their favourite, Cuni Complete, and another mix to try out, Cuni Nature. If anyone knows other pet shops in the Joburg area who stock these products I'd love to know because the local place so seldom has stock and I now heart Versele-Laga!! On the other "yay" side, this morning I got to wear the cute new gloves I bought at Accessorize this weekend :) Was hoping to be able to post a picture, but their website doesn't really have stock photos ... and I couldn't find them on the UK site either :( But trust me, they are way cute!

On the down side, Varen had to work late again last night :( So there was no celebrating. I did however go and watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on my own (can't be sitting around at home waiting for the man ... although I know he was sorta keen to see this, I am worried it'll go off big-screen before he has 3 free hours for it!)

Adapted from the 1921 short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the film is about a man who is born in his 80s and ages backwards: A man, like any of us, who is unable to stop time. From New Orleans at the end of World War I in 1918, into the 21st century, on a journey as unusual as any man's life can be, the film tells the grand tale of a not-so-ordinary man and the people and places he discovers along the way, the loves he finds and loses, the joys of life and the sadness of death, and what lasts beyond time.

Hmmm, where to begin. It was a nice enough story, with (it must be said) amazing ageing special-effects. Although I think they messed it up in the middle a bit ... I also thought they added unnecessary elements, like the stupid hurricane and backwards clock that they vaguely linked to his backward life ... vaguely. Irrelevant if you ask me. And then there's all the nonsense about him being a "baby" old man but somehow not a man-sized baby. Inconsistent. But aside from the gaping flaws you're bound to find in a fantastical story like this, it was still a nice movie. As I said about twilight it has those formulaic things we all want to beleive in. That the person we love and push away as many times as possible will still be there when we need them and love us back forever, regardless of circumstance. Meh, I think the Oscars it won (Visual effects, Make-up & Art Direction) were well-deserved, but the Oscars it didn't win were for good reason!

Oh, and in response to yesterday's post, I'm glad the majority of you seem to agree with me that a personalised number plate is a waste of money ;) Maybe I should finally get that tattoo I've been thinking about. I've always sort of wanted one, but could never decide on what (or where really). I like the idea of getting something meaningful, as I've mentioned before, and I've been thinking about the Glad to be a Girl logo. I designed it and it's now been a meaningful part of my life for a little over 2 years ... hmmm, somehow two years doesn't seem significant enough yet ... maybe I'll wait for the 5 year mark ;) Hahahahahaha. We'll see.

Also, I'm taking recommendations of places to stay for a night or two over my upcoming April birthday (sheesh, i'm about to enter the last year of my twenties, scary stuff!). If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them ... but the spot should be no more than a 2 hour drive from Joburg, otherwise it gets a little far for a mere weekend jaunt.


boldly benny said...

Sounds like life is very good at the moment.

I'm desperately trying to cover my mouth but want to blurt out... I LOVE TATTOOS! I think your lady profile logo is a divine idea! It's thin and feminine, it has some meaning to you and... well you just need to find the right spot for it.

I got my tattoo 9 years ago and I still freaking love it. I would love another but I think they need some real thought. So I won't advise you to go get it, I think it's something you have to be dead certain about. But just so you know, I think it's a great design :)

Unknown said...

There's a pet food shop in Honeydew Village that you might want to try.

Janine / Being Brazen said...

Wow - a thousand hits is suuuuper impressive! Congrats again.

Having the Glad to be a girl logo as a tattoo is a really cool idea

ExMi said...

LOL when it comes to tattoos i say 'go big, or go home'. but then that's just my opinion.

and congrats on the win, that's fucking awesome.

Tamara said...

Wracking my brain to think of good away-weekend spots, but can't think of anything within 2hours right now.

When is your bday?

ria said...

Hi there, try out this website: - they have great ideas on mini-roadtrips, all over SA (also the UK, Ireland etc.). Even if you don't want to do a roadtrip, you can do a search for accommodation. I'm sure you'll find something close to Jo'burg! Enjoy, pity you can't make it to Cape Town, so many fantastic places down here...

phillygirl said...

@benny - aside from the fact that I haven't seen much of Varen since last Wednesday (okay, except for like the *whole* of Saturday :) ), life is very good :) Thanks, I'm glad you like the design ... so do I, and I also think it'd be a lovely tattoo! So far I like the inside of my wrist as a potential spot ... but we'll see. It may happen one day :)

@jenty - Hmmm, may have to get their details from you!

@brazen - I know, I had a little countdown from 990 ... it was an amazing day :) I was flabbergasted! And glad you like the tattoo idea :)

@exmi - I dunno, I'd like something subtle, something secret ... although certainly not something I could never see myself. And thanks, I'm still quite amazed by the win :)

@tamara - last weekend in April, unfortunately it's a long weekend so need to book asap, if it's not already too late :(

@ria - will definitely check out that site. I love the idea of road-trips round SA (The last proper one I did was back in Dec 2003! Eep). And yeah, Cape Town would be great, that's part of why we're looking at moving back there ... although that's now on hold again due to Varen's new job. At the moment whenever I come down to CT I generally stay with my folks, or at our beach cottage or at my aunt's place out in Riebeck West :)

AngelConradie said...

You sound like you're having a ball.
My furbabies only eat Royal Canin's cat food. It is expensive, but my babies are my luxury and they deserve the best.

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