Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Stealing the Scream by Edward Dolnick

One morning in 1994, two men in a stolen car skid to a halt in front of Norway's National Gallery. Minutes later, they roar off with Edvard Munch's iconic, tortured, best-known work. In desperation, Norwegian police call on the world's greatest art detective - Scotland Yard's enigmatic, irascible, brilliant Charley Hill. The hunt for The Scream will either cap his career or end in a fiasco that will dog him forever...An 'utterly captivating read' (City AM), Stealing the Scream is a thrilling tale of the hunt to recover a $72 million masterpiece.

This book was really quite interesting ... for a true story :) I guess it's something I've never thought about much but I found it quite interesting how low on the priority list getting back stolen paintings actually is. Quite sad really, when you think about the fact that their quite unique and have such historical value. But I guess it's also so easy for them to be damaged and destroyed once stolen. So sad. It's sad that art's uniqueness makes it priceless, which naturally makes it a target for theivery. When these are the sort of things that should be treasured by everyone. Hmmm, the human race is a weird bunch.

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