Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Morning Stuff

Nothing exciting to report today. We had one of my less-mentioned monthly get-togethers last night. Which I think will be the last. I was trying to get together like minded people, but when it's a bunch i work with and a bunch of my friends and I feel like I'm the only one putting in the effort while everyone else benefits without lifting a finger (okay so this won't make much sense cause you don't understand the group, but think of it like a bookclub but we're not swapping books). So basically why am I putting in the effort, I ask myself. I can just as easily organise to meet my & varen's requirements without the schlep of accommodating the bunch of people who don't seem to a) appreciate it or b) have any interest except in the end result. Okay, cryptic, I know. But I just needed to put that out there.

In other news, Varen is going to be getting an offer from the company :) Fabulous news, right? Well we are hoping it will be. There's that niggly part of things were a) he's a contractor currently whereas this would be a permanent position and b) a little thing called the economic crisis followed by c) a completely unnecessary call from the agent brokering the deal to down-manage his pay-expectations. Before he's even got the offer. Now he's quite happy with the money that was mentioned in the original spec, but seriously, everyone has their line. There are definitely times in your life where you can take your dream-job for a little bit of a pay cut. Or stay at the same pay-grade when you're in desperate need of something (like me when I first moved to Joburg - hoho, all those people telling me my salary would triple when I moved, what a big fat laugh!). But anyway, I digress. This is not one of those times for Varen. He knows what he's willing to sign up for. We'll see what the offer comes in at. But it really puts a damper on the whole process :( You get all fired up, you have amazing & positive interviews with the company in question ... and it all might be for nought. I still have my hopes up for him, but the poor boy is pretty stressed at the moment.

Also, we're still playing on going to visit the baby bunnies on Sunday ... but I spoke to the breeder and she says she is also surprised at how dark they are and doesn't actually think they'll turn siamese after all. How disappointing. For me the main thing is that I don't want one too close in colour to Coal (who is turning into a combination of shades of black and dark chocolate brown all over now!). Am beginning to think maybe we should just stick with our lovely two. Unless any of the babies on Sunday really take my breath away :)

Oh, and ps. There are two (2) nomination days left for the SA Blog Awards. So if you haven't put in your nomination yet, do it now :) Thanks.


The Jackson Files said...

Oh no. Get the new bunny. You have to. They looked so sweet and cute and fluffy and adorable.

Janine / Being Brazen said...

I just saw you are reading Twilight...what do you think? I loved the "twilight saga" too much.

AngelConradie said...

So how cute were the baby bunnies?

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