Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Good Monday

So, I skipped gym yesterday afternoon ... wanna spend as much time as possible bonding the boons before they're left with BrotherZion this weekend (while we're away for my birthday - yay!). I also popped into my local Curves and signed up. I don't pay a cent at the moment for Virgin Active (through Discovery ... aside from my monthly Vitality fee ... and the extra each month so that I can go to any of the gyms ... which I must stop now, thanks for the reminder!) but, it's also not doing anything for me and I tend to get bored because I a) don't see results and b) don't have a clue if I'm doing the right thing. I'll still keep my Virgin Active membership (hello, I get Vitality points!) but for the next 12 months I'm seeing what Curves can do for me. The Mom signed up and seems to be getting results, which is promising :) Plus it's closer to me than the local Virgin Active and their routine is 30 mins, 3 times a week. Ideal for moi who hates the thought that I'm wasting precious free time at the gym!!

So anyway, as I said, I spent the afternoon bonding the boons. It went much better yesterday :) I kept Rex in the cage as I'd done when bonding Coal & Bell. Coal seems less antagonistic than Bell and has thankfully also stopped chasing Lily :) I also gave them some basil and a new treat, grapes. Boy do they love it! I even took some pics to try and give you an idea of the size differences. If you compare these photos to the one I posted in December of Bell & Coal you will easily see just how massive Coal is in comparison ... and how teeny Rex is!

I was also back on my new-year-new-recipes challenge yesterday. Mom gave me a new Women's Weekly cook book as an early birthday present while we were at JBay ... she likes me to have something to open :) I tried to make the Chili & Lemon crusted John Dory (we used Kingklip tho) with Coconut rice. I didn't like it ... I messed up the crusting, the flavour wasn't too bad but I'm not a huge fan of fish anyways. Varen loved it, especially the rice :)

Tomorrow is the big Voting Day in South Africa. I hope all of you will be voting! I will :)


Anonymous said...

I'll be voting! :)

Rex really is very teeny huh!? So cute.

Unknown said...

Rex is minute!
I'll be voting tomorrow :)

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