Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally Friday

After a late night at poker on Wednesday, last night was nice and quiet and relaxed. Although I'd be able to relax more if my holiday plans were bedded down and all I was doing was waiting for the joy of going on them ;) But instead I spend large portions of my evenings online scouring for deals and packaged trips. Sigh, it can create more than a little disillusionment. And the hardest part ... sticking to your budget and not saying "well it's only an extra 5grand". Double sigh.

And the weekend looks to be fairly quiet ... aside from the Bloggirls lunch I'm looking forward to tomorrow :) We've also gotta take Rex to the vet to find out when he'll be ready for the snip. Exciting stuff, people :P


Louisa said...

How funny will it be if he's a girl too? :-P

AngelConradie said...

We had a relatively quiet Friday night too, apart from driving the knucklehead to a party.

AngelConradie said...

I hope you get to have the holiday you want without spending a fortune on it!

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