Thursday, May 28, 2009

Still Tentative

Okay, so there's not too much to say again today. Played poker with the girl's last night and got to try out a new (coffee) flavour of Noogies Cookie Dough :) Yay. Was a fabulous evening with plenty of laughs and fun poker. I really do love these evenings.

But I skipped gym and decided I'd go this evening instead. So I went to Flight Center, just to depress myself. I am so back-and-forth about these holiday plans. My Polar Bear trip is sorta coming together ... I mean I found a tour with availability and flights that meet my price range. But then when you start adding the extras ... the visa's for Canada plus which ever stupid country I have to fly via - am not sure if I need a transit visa for Schengen countries but, must definitely find out about that (although I am wondering if I apply for the US one if I'll get the standard 10year visa ... could save me in the future!). Then the gear. I certainly don't currently own Polar-Bear- climate gear. And it's not cheap. So yeah, I'll be weighing it up for now and investigating visa requirements.

And then there's the other Beach Holiday trip for Varen & I. Jees like but prices for flights have escalated. I really didn't want to spend too much on a 7-day packaged resort trip, but it seems there's not all that much available around 10K. Plus, I was hoping for a nice romantic secluded beach hut somewhere ... and that is what you pay for. I certainly don't want to spend my beach holiday (cause I'm unlikely to go on another anytime soon, it's not my first holiday choice) in a room down the hall from 8 others :P Although on the flip side, how much time do you end up spending in the room anyway, it's all about walks on the beach, cocktails at sunset and snorkelling or scuba diving and enjoying the water. I dunno. Nothing jumps out and screams "YES!" at me ... I am terribly fussy, I know.

So things continue to fluctuate. And then I wonder if it's worth spending all this cash. I'll get an amazing experience for it ... which is what I'm all about. But it still nags at me terribly. I'm not generally a big spender, except on my holidays ... generally I'm more of a hoarder. So the thought of making such a big dent in my savings in one year kinda terrifies me. But, what is money for if not to spend it and enrich your life (whatever that might mean to you personally) ... that's is after all what we're spending our days at work earning it for :)


Anonymous said...

Eeep. The thought of spending all that money would scare me to death. I'm choosing to focus on the cookie dough, which sounds delicious!

Tamara said...

Yum - coffee-flavoured cookie dough!

The extras are always more than you think, hey? I hate the fact that we have to pay so much for visas. I mean, you have to spend money to maybe be allowed to go and spend your money in another country.

So much for encouraging tourism!

boldly benny said...

I'm the wrong person to ask as I am so not a saver, I'm a spender. If you save your money for holidaying and experiences then I say go for it, if the cost really freaks you out, then how about doing something else on your list?

Elise said...

If you fancy a beach resort that's fairy quiet, try the red sea resorts. I hired a villa in Alguna. You can get yatchs etc. There's plenty of water sports, scuba, kite surfing. You can take day trips to Cairo, Greece too.

I bought my Visa when I arrived in Egypt...


AngelConradie said...

I've never planned a trip like that so I have no idea what all you need to take into account... but it sounds like its a small fortune regardless!
I think I'm also going to dwell on the cookie-dough now.

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